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Crest of Blood is a covenant ring in Dark Souls 2.
crest_of_blood.png "Ring of the Brotherhood of Blood Covenant.

This is nothing special. Perhaps, in the end, an oath is but a window into the ambitions of the oath taker.

If you have taken this oath, then you know what you want. To be soaked in the blood of your kind."


  • Covenant ring given to those who seek blood. Adds 50 to bleed attack (only if the weapon already has bleed attack present).
    • If a weapon has bleed attack prior to imbuement & bleed imbuement is used, then this ring will add 60 (20% bonus) to bleed attack.
    • If a weapon has bleed attack prior to imbuement and new imbuement is used (meaning a new damage type is added), then this ring will add 40 (20% reduction) to bleed attack.
  • Shadow Gauntlets provide an identical effect to this ring, and the two effects stack together to provide +100/+120 Bleed.
  • The Crest of Blood has no covenant-related effects and is not required at all for any aspect of the Brotherhood of Blood.

  • Durability: 100
  • Weight: 0.2



  • It has been confirmed that you DO NOT need to wear the crest ring to rank up and it serves NO PURPOSE within the Covenant. The ONLY purpose of wearing the ring is for its increase to Bleed effects.

    • Anonymous

      02 Jul 2017 20:03  

      I am wearing both the crest of blood and shadow gauntlets with +10 flamberges, they do NOT stack. Bleed is 225 on each sword with only shadow gauntlets, does not change with blood crest. Same result if blood crest is worn and SG is added.

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