Crown of the Ivory King Rings

Image Name Weight Effects Acquired from +1/+2 Available?
dark_clutch_ring.png Dark Clutch Ring
  • 2.0
  • Increases Dark damage to weapons with Dark Infusion or base Dark Damage.
  • Decreases Physical Defenses by 80 points each.
Outer Wall bonfire, right from the start and passing a room with enemies and boxes, then dropping down. No
Ivory Warrior Ring
  • 5.0
  • Attacks greatly reduce enemy Stamina if enemy is blocking.
Drop from the White Covetous Demon in the Crown of the Ivory King DLC. He is past the large gate near the Lower Garrison bonfire in Frozen Eleum Loyce. No
Ring of the Embedded
  • 2.0
  • Increases Vigor, Endurance and Vitality proportionally to player stats. (worse stats, better effects).
  • Increases damage taken by 8%
Second bonfire of Frozen Eleum Loyce. After defeating all the enemies in the first area, before climbing the first set of stairs, turn right and follow the snowy cliff face to a body with the ring on it No
Ring of the Living
  • 0.2
  • Appear human when you're a phantom/spirit.
Frigid Outskirts area, found on a corpse before the chasm leading to the bosses Lud, the King's Pet and Zallen, the King's Pet No
Fire Clutch Ring
  • 2.0
  • Increases Fire damage to weapons with Fire Infusion or base Fire Damage.
  • Decreases Physical Defenses by 80 points each.
Treasure chest in the Inner Wall bonfire: After you beat Avaa, the King's Pet and get the Storm gone. Right before you open the door to the first Eleum Loyce Knight, turn back and go though the left passage. On the right wall is an Illusory wall. Follow the way till you have to jump on a bridge, kill the Ice Soldier and behind him there is the Chest. No
ring_of_resistance.png Ring of Resistance 
  • 1.5
Treasure in Frozen Eleum Loyce. By the invisible phantoms who use ballistas in the frozen stairs. Look for a corpse with the ring. Yes (+1)

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