Icon Name Uses
Description Acquired From Cost Type
Promised Walk of Peace.png

Promised Walk of Peace

2 2 30 40 A hex created from an ancient miracle of unknown origin. Slows the walking pace of its caster and those in the vicinity.
To stand and glare at one another, steaming with ire and wrath, but without making a move.
Such is the nature of peace.
Catalyst: Sacred Chime
DLC Crown of the Sunken King, in Shulva, Sanctum City - Support
Dark Greatsword.png

Dark Greatsword

2 2 55 29 Hex adapted from an ancient sorcery.
Brandish Dark like a sword.
By its nature Dark is normally tranquil, but this hex releases a focused blade of Dark in an uncharacteristic flash of brilliance.
Catalyst: Staff
DLC Crown of the Sunken King, near the Priestess' Chamber bonfire - Attack

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