Crystal Lizard

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Crystal Lizards are special Creatures in Dark Souls 2. These can also filed under Secrets since they are a special type of non-hostile creature that will be beneficial for players to encounter. These lizards can be encountered as specific Locations throughout Dark Souls 2 and are most notable for their Item drops. Clear them before their escape to obtain a set type of upgrade materials. These drops are set according to the Crystal Lizard at the specific location and are not randomized. Once cleared, they do not respawn. Below is a list of known Crystal Lizard Locations and the rewards for clearing them. 


A timid species of sparkling reptile cloaked in total mystery. These strange creatures possess a variety of useful, and valuable, stones. These creatures are not well understood, as the procurement of specimens for study is an all-but-futile endeavor; Crystal Lizards are masters of escape and have a marked tendency to do so before anyone can get close enough to catch them.


Crystal Lizard Information 

Crystal Lizards are non-respawning enemies which flee when approached by players. When a lizard is nearby, players can hear a distinct jingle sound that resembles shaking a bag full of gems or coins. When killed, lizards drop weapon upgrade items such as Titanite and stones for weapon reinforcement and infusion.

If approached, the lizard will scurry away and disappear after about 6 seconds if no damage is taken. If the lizard escapes, resting at a bonfire will respawn it. Lizards do not respawn if killed. If a player kills a lizard but dies without collecting the dropped items, they will disappear. 


Crystal Lizard Locations Guide

Location Health Drops
Forest of Fallen Giants - Inside the room near the elevator that takes you to the Last Giant boss chamber. ~200 2 Titanite Shard
No-Man's Wharf - Behind a hidden door in the room with the poison jars. ~300 2 Titanite Shard
1 Large Titanite Shard
Iron Keep - Near a small staircase close by the magma bucket traps in the large room with movable platforms. ~300 1 Large Titanite
1 Titanite Chunk
1 Firestone
Doors of Pharros - Immediately after the axe-hurling Gyrm Warrior past Gavlan's room. ~300 3 Large Titanite Shard
1 Raw Stone
Huntsman's Copse - Along the cliff-side path on the way to the Skeleton Lords, taking the left hand branch up to a small elevation. ~300 1 Titanite Shard
1 Large Titanite Shard
1 Titanite Chunk
Dragon Aerie -There are 11 crystal lizards in this area; all spread throughout the drake encounters:
  • Near 1st drake: 4 lizards on the drake's plateau, 1 lizard in the tunnel below, 1 lizard on the raised ledge with a crevice in it.
  • Near 2nd drake: 3 lizards scattered along the drake's grounds.
  • Near 3rd drake: 1 lizard on the drake's grounds, 1 lizard on a ledge overseeing them.
~500 1st area: 1 Titanite Shard, 5 Large Titanite Shards, 4 Titanite Chunks, 1 Titanite Slab, 1 Twinkling Titanite, 3 Petrified Dragon Bone, 1 Raw Stone, 1 Darknight Stone and 1 Old Mundane Stone.

2nd Area: 6 Titanite Shards, 1 Large Titanite Shard, 1 Titanite Chunk, 1 Twinkling Titanite, 1 Petrified Dragon Bone, 1 Magic Stone and 1 Faintstone.

3rd Area: 2 Titanite Shards, 2 Large Titanite Shards, 1 Titanite Slab, 1 Twinkling Titanite, 1 Boltstone and 1 Palestone.
Brightstone Cove Tseldora
  • After the Prowling Magus boss fight, the lizard sits atop a pillar, below the cliff the chapel overlooks.
  • Next to a humanoid spider on the balcony of the home Pate and Creighton fight in.

Petrified Dragon Bone, Titanite Shard

1 Large Titanite Shard, 1 Twinkling Titanite

Harvest Valley - After the encounter with the 4 Artificial Undead, it is through a boarded up path leading to a poison mist pit. ~300 1 Titanite Shard
1 Large Titanite Shard
1 Palestone
Grave of Saints - After descending to the bottom of the hole in Majula, the lizard is on a rope bridge leading to a treasure chest. ~300 2 Titanite Shard
1 Large Titanite Shard
1 Darknight Stone
Shaded Woods - Within the small maze-like ruins near the area Manscorpion Tark resides. ~300 2 Titanite Shard
1 Titanite Chunk
1 Boltstone
Drangleic Castle - Sitting just before the long staircase that leads to the castle entrance. ~400 3 Titanite Chunks
1 Titanite Slab


Crystal Lizard Item Drops


Crystal Lizard Strategy Tips

  • Once approached, the Crystal Lizard will skitter away, even off ledges. The lizards' small statures makes it difficult to hit them using weapons that don't strike downwards. Sniping them using magic or powerful bows that can one-shot them is usually the easiest way to kill them.

Crystal Lizard Move Set

  • N/A


Crystal Lizard Notes, Tips & Tricks 

  • Note that the items they drop can fall off ledges and therefore be lost permanently. If it's scurrying against a ledge of some kind, just let it go and reset the encounter rather than risk losing the drops for good.


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    • Anonymous

      Am I crazy or are they way harder to kill in this than DS1 and 3? I can't even hit the damn things most of the time.

      Still better than demons souls tho

      • Anonymous

        Just to confirm. Red Lizards don't have any loot, right?. I killed the red one in Tseldora, next to the spinning pit, and it didn't give me anything.

        • Anonymous

          Bro what kind of weapon are you supposed to use to even kill these mfs ????? I've tried multiple different greatswords and they literally cannot touch it no matter which attack you use. Then the overhead animation for UGS is way to slow to hit them before they move. Great Lance doesn't touch them either. I launch a Great Fireball at it, it eats one then disappears before the next gets off ... I've literally only killed like 3 of these in the entire game. They don't respawn until you leave the area and come back, which I'll never remember to do. I get enough upgrade materials easily from everything else in the game. I'm not on the hate train for this game, I enjoy it, but holy **** these things infuriate me.

          • Anonymous

            "You liked how I had a despawn animation in DS1 and DS3 that made me stood still? Yeah how about I just disappear fully invincible?"

            • Anonymous

              Did they move the lizard in Huntsman's Copse? I've played 3 times before so know it's a pain (moreso than others) and know exactly where it is supposed to be but it's just not there. Haven't seen it at all and since it spawns in a corner and quickly falls off the ledge to vanish I doubt an NPC killed it either (even the invasion happened a little further down the path than I recall). Effectively wiped out everything in the area 12 times so when I rush up there now there's no NPC's to scare it and I don't even catch a glimpse of it.

              • Anonymous

                3 sunlight speaks ng+7 in dragon aerie 55 int should kill them. If they disappear, pause, quit, and reload the game. Saves time going to bonfire. Saints hood, ring of prayer, lightning clutch ring, sun medal, lightning infused dragon chime +5

                • Anonymous

                  “Disapear after 6 seconds unless they take damage” or even if they do take damage DS2 doesn’t care if you hit them or not they’ll disapear anyway mid damage

                  • Anonymous

                    I just played all souls games except the last half of the first one and ds2 dlc. crazy how there isn't a crystal area with a crystal bug boss with little bugs around it, I mean they definitely come from somewhere right?

                    • Anonymous

                      ive only tested this on a hex build but the lizard on the bridge. if you descend normally after the vanguard fight you eventually land on a long strip. from that strip you can see the bridge the lizard is on. its a bit tricky but you can line yourself up with the bridge and backstep to fall. if you have great resonant soul with a fast casting chime you can one hit it before it flees. this is obviously useful for hex builds as he drops a darknight stone.

                      • Anonymous

                        If your weapon lacks a downward swing, use leaping attacks. They're hard to pull off without practice, but are fast and almost always hit the floor directly in front of where you land

                        • Anonymous

                          **** whoever designed the hitbox, they're impossible to hit unless your weapon attacks straight downwards. And they **** themselves into corners where the ****ty weapons bouncing off walls meachnic makes it impossible to hit them

                          • Anonymous

                            Headcannom: You just take the crystal out of their back and that's the random material instead of like splitting them open and taking their insides out

                            • Anonymous

                              Forest of Fallen Giants in SofS have lizard right above sec bone fire in the room where you can brake door.And i didn't find lizard in the room beside elevator.

                              • Anonymous

                                There are some differences for SofS, in harvest valley there are 3 lizards right next to the second bonfire, and no lizard after the artificial undeads.

                                • Anyone else ever spotted a red-gemmed lizard? I saw one in brightstone cove, on the far side of the giant conical sand trap, near the rock wall and the magic user enemy.

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