Dark Set

Dark Mask.png Dark Armor.png Dark Gauntlets.png Dark Leggings.png
Stats Total
icon-physicaldef.png 439 icon-poisedef.png 40
icon-strikedef.png 439 icon-poisonres.png 118
icon-slashdef.png 464 icon-bleedres.png 136
icon-thrustdef.png 422 icon-petrifyres.png 0
icon-magicdef.png 116 icon-curseres.png 0
icon-firedef.png 116  
icon-lightningdef.png 78 icon-durabilitiy.png 90
icon-darkdef.png 244 icon_weight.png 25.2
Requirements & Bonus
icon-strength_22.png icon-dexterity_22.png icon-intelligence_22.png icon-faith_22.png icon-physicaldefbonus_green.png

Dark Set is an Attire or Armor in Dark Souls 2. Armor sets do not provide specific benefits, so players are free to mix and match their preferred parts to optimize their Builds.

"Mask/Armor/Gauntlets/Leggings of a knight subsumed by dark.
No one knows the true identity of these men who are said to freely manipulate dark. Old foreign legends describe them as poor souls who chased the lost art of life drain."



Set Location

  • Obtaining the full set requires getting the King's Ring and progressing to Aldia's Keep. All pieces of the set are found in mimic chests.
  • Dark Leggings are found at the entrance to Doors of Pharros, just before the first bonfire, along with Black Scorpion Stinger.
    • [Scholar of the First Sin] This mimic is moved futher down the way to Brightstone Cove Tseldora – jump into the well found near the first bonfire and follow the path to a broken house. Also, in this version the other item is Staff of Wisdom.
  • Dark Gauntlets are found in Earthen Peak, in a small storage room above mist gate to Mytha, filled with poison jars and stone bugs. Bonus item is Work Hook.
  • Dark Armor is found in Iron Keep. Travel to the second bonfire, proceed to cross the platform above the lava (where Ironclad Soldier tries to smash the bridge) and enter the room filled with falling platforms. Pull the lever to lower the platforms into the lava, then go up the stairs and along the platforms to the ladder that has been descended. Climb up, and a mimic will be directly to your right. Bonus item is lightning-infused Winged Spear.

    • [Scholar of the First Sin] - The mimic has been moved to The Gutter. From the first Bonfire in The Gutter move straight ahead over the first wooden bridge. Mind the hole on the first platform and move past it, over another wooden bridge. After crossing the bridge go right up some ramps and follow it to the top (should be two or three ramps). Look to the right as you come to the top and jump down to a platform filled with oil pools and some hollows.

      Dispatch the hollows and either avoid the oil pools or kill the Dark Suckers that spawn out of them. Look straight ahead to the cave wall and follow it (should be towards the left from where you dropped down.) Follow the wall and drop down to a new section of the cave that houses a small tower. Dispatch the hollows around the tower and locate the ladder on the side of the tower and climb to the top. Once at the top, jump over to an iron chest on a cave ledge. Turn around to face the tower again and you will see a hole/door in the side of it, run towards it (don’t jump) and you will fall into it.

      Inside is the mimic containing the Dark Armor chest piece. Killing this mimic  may cause the item to drop a single floor down and not all the way down. If this happens you will need to role into the second floor from the hole in the floor the mimic  is located on. Because of this it is advised to use a Lloyd’s Talisman to put the mimic to sleep and grab the loot that way.




  • Upgraded with Twinkling Titanite.
  • The Mask grants +1 to INT and FTH.
  • Chestpiece offers third highest dark defense (almost equal to that of Velstadt's set chestpiece) – the highest
    among medium and heavy armor sets.
  • Gauntlets offer the highest dark defense.



Piece Information & Upgrades

First row = Regular. Second row = +5

Name & Icon icon-physicaldef.png icon-strikedef.png icon-slashdef.png icon-thrustdef.png icon-magicdef.png icon-firedef.png icon-lightningdef.png icon-darkdef.png icon-poisonres.png icon-bleedres.png icon-petrifyres.png icon-curseres.png
Dark Mask icon-physicaldefbonus_green.png C icon-poisedef.png 6 icon_weight.png 3.8 icon-durabilitiy.png 90
Dark Mask.png
44 44 47 42 12 12 8 25 12 14 0 0
66 66 70 64 17 17 12 37 18 21 0 0
Dark Armor icon-physicaldefbonus_green.png A icon-poisedef.png 16 icon_weight.png 9.8 icon-durabilitiy.png 90
Dark Armor.png
114 114 120 109 30 30 20 64 31 35 0 0
171 171 180 164 45 45 30 95 46 53 0 0
Dark Gauntlets icon-physicaldefbonus_green.png C icon-poisedef.png 9 icon_weight.png 5.8 icon-durabilitiy.png 90
Dark Gauntlets.png
68 68 71 65 18 18 12 38 18 21 0 0
101 101 107 97 27 27 18 56 27 31 0 0
Dark Leggings icon-physicaldefbonus_green.png C icon-poisedef.png 9 icon_weight.png 5.8 icon-durabilitiy.png 90
Dark Leggings.png
68 68 71 65 18 18 12 38 18 21 0 0
101 101 107 97 27 27 18 56 27 31 0 0
Totals 294 294 309 281 78 78 52 165 79 91 0 0
+5 Totals 439 439 464 422 116 116 78 244 118 136 0 0


Alonne Captain Set.jpg


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    • Anonymous

      So this stuff about the Dark Armor being missable because it falls through the floor - I saw these comments about it and just assumed it would end up on the bottom level where all the hollows and pots are, so I went ahead and murdered the mimic anyway instead of using a Lloyd Talisman to loot it. Turns out, there's an intermediary level between the floor the mimic is on and the ground with the pots/hollows and the item fell into there and was unreachable. Honestly the loot falling through the platforms is one of the major issues I have with this area.

      Luckily something I learned when progressing this area earlier is that if you walk out of render distance of the loot that fell and come back it will be back to its initial position. So what I did when this happened was I found my way back to the first bonfire (DO NOT SIT AT IT OR IT WILL RESET THE AREA AND LOSE THE LOOT ANYWAY) and then made the same journey back to where the mimic was and the item was now reachable on the floor where the mimic was sitting previously, and not on the floor beneath. Obviously this is a lot of hassle and if you die on your journey back to the bonfire and back to the mimic then the items are lost forever (gonna have to ascetic for it in that case) but if you're careful then not all is lost after you notice the item has fallen through the floor.

      • Before you start your journey for the pieces, i want to advice you to take with you some Lloyd's charms, because if you throw it at a mimic, it will open and you can take the item without risk, it also avoids the problem of dying and losing the item or even that it falls into the void (in case of the one in the gutter).

        • Anonymous

          Something not mentioned if it falls to the second floor that is way quicker. Instead of rolling into it, just quit and reload the game. It will reset where the mimic died

          • Anonymous

            So, I got killed before I get get to the second floor to grab the chest piece. Annnnnd now its gone. I guess its lost forever?

            • Anonymous

              Combining this set with the Redeye Ring creates an imposing figure; a Darkwraith, his skull wreathed in flame.

              • Anonymous

                For the Dark Armor piece (SOTFS), if you kill the mimic and the item falls below you to the other floor, a simple fix is to just quit the game through the in-game menu and reload the game. the item will be on the current floor where you killed him or where the mimic originally sits, rather than below you 1 floor.

                • Anonymous

                  I looked up 2 separate videos on the location, and read the first part of the location here. But when I killed the mimic holding the chestpiece I was confused that it fell through the floor, so I went outside, started wildly swinging at the hollows on the ground floor and got exploded. Then actually decided to finish watching the videos, seems both mentioned it would happen. Plus the text up there also says it, I feel like a pancake.

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