Defender's Greatsword Build - SL150

This build focuses on both miracles and melee. It centers around the Defender's Greatsword, because there's no other faith weapon that comes close when it comes to scaling. If you meet the requirements and pick this up at the end of your playthrough, infuse it with lighting. It scales S with faith. Raise your attunement to 25 so you can carry a combination of your favorite spells whether it be a few great lightning spears, pyromancy spells, or sacred oath.

Bandit Stats:
  • VGR: 30 (This will be all you need with the Third Dragon Ring)
  • END: 20 (No need to increase more than 20 as it'd be a waste)
  • VIT: 20 (Raising to 20 will allow you to stay under 50 with light armor or under 70 with medium armor)
  • ATT: 25 (This increases your spells slots, AGL, and defenses)
  • STR: 20 (Raise to 20 for Defender's GS requirements)
  • DEX: 14 (Keep at base)
  • ADP: 23 (With help from attunement, this helps raise AGL to 103)
  • INT: 1 (leave at base)
  • FTH: 50 (level to 50 for the dragon chime and spice your way down for higher spells)

  • This is more personal preference. I maxed Faraam's for my medium armor and went with a mix of what looked good for my light armor.

  • Third Dragon Ring
  • Clear Bluestone Ring +2
  • Chloranthy Ring +2
  • Ring of Steel Protection +2

  • Defender's Greatsword +5 with lightning infusion (scales S)
  • Dragon Lightning Chime +5
  • Pyromancy Flame +10

  • Watcher's Shield +5 (It doesn't have 100% physical, but close. It's an awesome light shield and sounds like a bell when you block. What more do you want?)

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