Destructive Greatarrow


Greatarrows with intricately crafted tips.
Designed to destroy equipment with impact.

Bravery does not necessarily entail going
head-on with a foe, especially if they have
better armor than you. Use these arrows,
and grind them down from afar."

Destructive Greatarrow is a type of Ammunition in Dark Souls 2




  • Inflicts break damage on enemies
  • Like any other Greatarrow, it can only be used with Great bows.
  • They seem to have very high armor penetration (I can deal much more damage with them than with any other kind of greatarrow. Needs confirmation)
  • Confirmed to do more damage than Iron Greatarrows at the least. Tested on Mastadon Warriors at Drangleic Castle in NG with Alonne Greatbow +10, 29 Strength, and 25 Dexterity. Iron Greatarrows did 379 damage, Destructive Greatarrows did 443 damage. Tested on several other enemies, and the damage difference remained consistent. This means that Destructive Greatarrows are superior to Iron Greatarrows despite the latter having twice the damage according to stats. Therefore, the stats are very misleading in this case.



  • Can be bought from Head of Vengarl in Shaded Woods for 180 each. He never runs out of them, making it an infinite source.
  • Sold by Royal Sorcerer Navlaan 180 each ∞ supply
    (Only if you free him then talk to him while human, or talking to him while dead after having completed his assassination contracts)
  • Can be obtained from Alonne Knights at Iron Keep.
  • 50 in an iron chest in Dragon's Sanctum.


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