The Dexbro


This is a PVP oriented Build for Dark Souls 2. The Dexbro mainly focuses on Dexterity and Faith, while also using different weapon combinations to gain the advantage in any fight.

Build Equipment

Right Hand :

  1. +10 Poison Rapier
  2. +10 Uchigatana
  3. +5 Pate's Spear

Left Hand :

  1. +10 Poison Rapier (For Power-Stancing)
  2. +10 Priest's Chime (Later Replaced with Lightning Dragon Chime)
  3. +10 Royal Kite Shield

  • Head: Hexer's Hood (slight increase for spell uses)
  • Chest: Alva Armor (light, dependable armor)
  • Hands: Engraved Gauntlets (chance for regular attacks to become critical attacks
  • Legs: Elite Knight Leggings (Can be changed to your liking )

  1. Sunlight Blade
  2. Force
  3. Great Lightning Spear (Can be swapped with Lightning Spear until you reach the required faith level)
  4. Heavenly Thunder

  1. Third Dragon Ring (increased health, stamina, carry weight)
  2. Old Leo Ring (increased damage from thrust weapons)
  3. Ring of Blades (increased weapon damage)
  4. Chloranthy Ring (increased stamina recovery)

This build mainly focuses on the ability to use different Dex weapons with Faith spells to fit every PVP situation.

For weapons setups, there are 5 main ones that can be used:

Power-Stanced Rapiers (Works well against most opponents, but not so well against spears/rapiers/lances)

Shield and Pate's Spear (Works well against other thrusting weapons; be sure not to Turtle, as a guard break would be fatal for you. Due to the length of the spear, you can attack your opponent from ranges where they won't be able to immediately attack back)

Shield and Uchigatana (Works well against turtles and havelbros, as the counter damage will certainly give you the advantage)

Two-Hand Uchigatana (Same as above, although you will have to rely on dodging the enemy's swings)

Two Hand Pate's Spear (Useful for surprising your opponent with a powerful running attack, and keeping out of reach. This variation can be used on most weapons, but avoid using this on Mages, as a missed attack gives your opponent a good window to destroy you with a well timed spell)

Examples of Weapons choices per opponent:

If opponent uses Ultra-Greatswords, Greataxes/hammers, and/or great clubs, use Pates Spear and move in after they've completed their swing
If opponent uses a greatsword or any regular sword, your Uchigatana and/or rapiers can be used
If opponent uses thrusting swords, use a shield in one hand, and Pate's Spear in the other
If opponent uses heavy armor and turtles, guard break them with Force, and perform a riposte. Best results if Uchigatana is used.
If opponent uses any type of magic, dodge their spells and move in close to get them with your Rapiers

Spell Strategies:

For spell strategies, try to use each spell for certain situations. Don't spam them, as you will run out quickly. Also, pay attention to the casting time, as it can get you killed if you are not careful.

Sunlight Blade: Simple lightning weapon buff; use on any of your weapons. Your high faith stat will greatly increase your damage output from this spell. When power-stancing your rapiers, I'd recommend buffing one of them, just so

Force: This is an extremely important spell for this build. It consumes a small amount of stamina, but will devestate a shielded enemy's stamina. This is best used on turtles, as you can guard break them with well timed spell uses.

Great Lightning Spear: This is your long ranged spell. Normally, this has a very limited number of casts, but the Hexer's Hood will give you 1 or 2 more. This is best used when your opponent is at along ranges or running to try and Estus. This can also be used to put pressure on a poisoned opponent, as their first concern is to heal or remove the effect.

Heavenly Thunder: This is your AOE spell. It has a quick cast speed, and will not leave you open for a long period of time. You will get the best results from this spell in tight spaces, as there is limited space for dodging.

*This build may take some getting used to, as there are multiple combinations to use against your opponents. Experiment! Try new combos! Just put some time into this build, you will definitely see improvement in your performance.

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