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Type Attribute
Effect Attribute for wielding weapons requiring finesse. Increases the damage you do with dexterity scaling weapons. Boosts poison and bleed attack bonus and physical defence. To power stance two weapons you must have 1.5 times the dexterity requirement of the weapon with the highest dexterity requirement.

Dexterity is an Attribute in Dark Souls 2. Dexterity determines your character's ability wield weapons, damage with dexterity scaling weapons, poison and bleed bonus, and physical defence. Attributes can be increased by assigning points into them when Leveling Up.


Dexterity Information

Attribute required to wield weapons requiring finesse. Boosts poison and bleed effects.

  • Raises attack: increases attack for weapons that scale with dexterity as well as poison and bleed bonus.
  • Raises physical defense: (see Strength for physical defense details)
  • Slightly increases HP for each point: +2 HP (0-20), +1 HP (21-50), +0 HP (51-99)
  • The Cleric begins with the lowest Dexterity at 5 and the Swordsman starts with the highest Dexterity at 16.
  • Some weapons require a minimum dexterity level to be wielded properly.
  • Many weapons do not have an innate Poison/Bleed effect, but if you do find such a weapon, Dexterity will increase their effectiveness.
  • In order to use a weapon in power stance, your STR and DEX values must be 1.5x the minimum requirements to one hand the weapon. For example, the Greatsword (28 STR, 10 DEX) will require 1.5 x 28 = 42 STR and 1.5 x 10 = 15 DEX to power stance.
    • Note that FTH and INT requirements do not need to be multiplied by 1.5, so one can power stance (for eaxmple) the Moonlight Greatsword with 27 STR, 27 DEX, and only 18 INT.
    • Keep in mind that not all weapon combinations will be able to enter power stance, even if you meet the stat requirements.
  • The soft cap for Dexterity bonuses appears to be at 40 dexterity. (After 40 the scaling does drop off but each point will still gives attack bonus up till 50, after which more than one point is required)
  • See here for equipment with dexterity requirements


Dexterity Data Table

Dexterity Level Total Dexterity Attack Bonus per level Dexterity Attack Bonus gain per level
1 50 0
10 57 7
20 80 23
30 102 22
40 140 38
50 155 15
60 162 7
70 170 8
80 185 15
90 192 7
99 200 8


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