Dog's Righteous Knight

(Contributed by: the dog keeper)
: Starting Class - Knight

Aprox. Minimum Level: 120-124

Use Some Sort Of Infused Longsword (Or Fast Striking Weapon), NOT Massive Swords!

Use Tower Shield Infused With Lighting (Helps Protect Against Lightning Spears)

Try To Upgrade All Of Your On-Hand Equipment To The Max Before PVP'ing


Vigor: 12 (Standard Knight Health)

Endurance: 30 (Handy When Switching From Offense To Defense)

Vitality: 18 (Minimum Vitality For Heavy Armor)

Attunement: 10 (Required For 1 Magic Slot)

Strength: 50 (Required For Dealing Large Amounts Of Damage)

Dexterity: 20 (Not Required)

Adaptability: 21 (Very Handy Against Players With Poison/Bleed Weapons)

Intelligence: 3 (Standard Knight Intelligence)

Faith: 12 (Required For Heal Miracle/Should Be Raised Over Time For Lightning Spears)

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