Power Wielding

New to Dark Souls 2 is the ability to wield and use two weapons in synchronization. What this does is allow you to attack with two weapons with the same attack style (strike/slash/stab, can be doubled such as slash/stab as a shortsword and a dagger) at the same time. To do this what you need to do is first equip the two weapons. Next you must obtain 150% of the required stats to wield the weapon. In the case of a shortsword, where you need 7 str and 10 dex to wield it, you would instead need 10 str and 15 dex to power wield it (because you are able to round down with the stats). Finally, you must hold Triangle (PS3) or Y (Xbox360) as though you are trying to hold your left hand weapon two handed. If your character lifts up the left hand weapon slightly and does not sheath the right hand weapon then congrats, you are now slightly more awesome. If not, then you do not have the required stats, you're wielding two different attack type weapons, or your weapons are not compatible for power wielding. When power wielding, your right hand weapon still attacks like it normally does with it's strong and weak attacks, but your L1/L2 (PS3) or LB/LT (Xbox360) will now have both weapons attack in synch. This does multiple hits, but drains much more stamina.
Feel free to list out any weapons you know work with power wielding below here, or edit the above to better conform to wiki standards. Also, I'm testing certain weapons for power wielding now to find out if they work or not. -CrucialTwinz
Update: So, it's kinda worthless I think, but it IS possible to power wield silly things like Twinblades. You lose the mutli hitting aspect though, and hit once for each blade. It's... lackluster at best. I need to test the damage on it though. Edit: Yup. It's crap. Don't waste the stats for two Twinblades haha.
Cthulu_Cuddler- Twin blades are meant to be held with two hands, not power or dual wielded. However, power wielding falchions, whips (and in one case I have seen 2 Great Large Clubs dual wielded)-can be amazing. Put poison on 2 falchions, or switch one up with bleed = they never saw it coming. There's ups and downs of course, so get great at dodging or parrying if you can.
Note: The Caestus weapons are good for power wielding as they have beast scaling, are fast weapons, and can be buffed.
Have fun!

Dual Wielding Hints/Tips for PVP:
Dual Wielding is amazing in PVP, but there are a couple of things you need to get used to before you will be able to really kick ass.
  1. Stamina! Keeping track of both your own and your opponents stamina is a must when dual wielding. If you see your opponent missing some attacks, go in hard. If he tries to block all your attacks, your opponent will most likely be staggered, allowing you to do a cool-looking execute on the coward.
  2. Bleed weapons synergize well with dual wielding and PVP in general. A bleeding opponent is much easier to stagger!
  3. 3 L1/LB attacks do way more damage than a backstab. Unless you have a half empty stamina bar, just use your combo when you're facing an opponent's exposed back.
  4. Often, it's best NOT to dodge attacks and just soak up an opponent's last swing if you can take it. Learn to recognize when an opponent has used up his last bit of stamina for an attack (it will come out slightly slower than normal). Roll through this attack or just soak it up and you will now have an opportunity to use your full combo on your opponent or stagger/execute them while your opponent watches helplessly and curses himself for getting greedy.

Early dual wield weapon tip: Falchion. Lightweight, causes bleeding, scales well with DEX and is available very early in the game. I achieved very good results in early Bellfry Luna PVP by using two +5 Falchions in power stance.

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