Dual Wielding, Max Power Sorcerer
Pictured with the Mad Warrior Helmet - Hexer's hood required for adequate casts.
Pictured with the Mad Warrior Helmet - Hexer's hood required for adequate casts.

  • Pros
  • Proficient in both sorceries and hexes / Can cast sorceries and hexes at maximum possible damage output / Quickly win PvP battles even when outmatched / Can completely castrate other sorcerers.
  • Cons
  • High Level requirement (at least 160-200) / High soul, ore and infusion stone requirement to max weapons and armor / no back up weapon (can add one if needed) / Low defense (but fast!)

This build calls for quick thinking and a multi-task oriented mind-set to pull of effectively. How do I know this is one hell of an OP build? To be blunt, I created this masterpiece in the bell-tower itself by seeing what build best allowed me to take on multiple skilled opponents; and smash their faces into the sharp end of my soul-spear!

The beauty of this build is in it's fundamental concept. We literally use BOTH of the most powerful staves in the game for their respective hex or sorcery; we also carry a chime along for 'Profound Still' to play antimage; as a good sorcerer/ hexer is our only real threat. It's simple as casting sorcery with the left hand, and hexes with the right.

I've found that load order is important when attuning the individual spells. For example I would load chameleon first to hide followed by 'profound' to deal with any mage threat. This would be followed by CSS and Affinity thereafter. This allows me to come out of concealment from chameleon, quickly cast PS and follow it up with a few CSS's. While the opponent is recovering from all the dodging (if they even managed to dodge at all) you can get affinity nice and ready for the defense. You can then flip to the next spell which would be Soul Great Sword and slice em up as their coming in; due to affinity firing within such a close range chances are they'll get hit by one or the other, and boy oh boy if all 5 affinity spear hit; they're toast. If they're still alive you can spam a few dark hails to keep them off balance, skip through chameleon and PS and repeat the cycle. You can load them in any order you want of course.

As ridiculous as it sounds to use two staffs instead of one; It actually works... like REALLY WORKS. Why hit my opponent with a soul spear for 765 and affinity for 1000, when I can just cast from different hands and turn that into a 969 souls spear and a 1372 affinity in which he misjudges the dodge and gets hit by both anyway! With so many spells flying around, the clorantrhy ring keeping stam-regen for rolls and casts and a decent endurance pool the worst thing that could happen is you could run out of spells. If you still haven't beaten your opponent he either hacks or is solaire himself in which case you should just jump of the nearest cliff and praise the sun.

Now I currently don't use any kind of 'back-up' weapon; though I have experimented with the berserker blade and the moonlight greatsword as standby's. Usually my opponents are long dead before I run out of spells though; ;)

(this guide is merely a summary; I will edit it in detail along with where to find each weapon and various details as to why I have chosen each spell soon / as well as cleaning up the above and making it more presentable)

Steam: - Steam Profile

Stat Breakdown (will adjust with a soul vessel for dex and strength soon)


Armour Set / Weapons / Rings
Hexer's Hood (head piece - extra casts)
Lion Mage Set (All pieces - faster cast time)
all +5
Ring of Knowledge / Chloranthy +2 / Clear Bluestone +2 / Southern band +2
Staff of Wisdom (left hand)
+5 and Magic Infusion
Sunset Staff / Chime of Want (both right hand)
+5 and Dark Infusion

Spells and Hexes
Profound Still
Crystal Soul Spear
Dark Hail
Soul Great Sword

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