How to Edit Fextralife Wikis

Have information to contribute, but don't know how to add it? This page will help guide you on how to edit pages on all Fextralife Wikis. Simply follow the steps below to edit pages using our new visual editor that we designed especially to make it as easy as possible. Although users can edit wikis as Guests, registering takes just a few seconds and makes it easy to follow your pages. Click here to register.

We hope this page will help you get started on becoming a greater part of our community. We are also always looking forward to feedback/suggestions that help make this process better for our users. Please see the Site Discussion Forum for more information.

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Some tips for editing

If you don't see an "edit" button, you have to REGISTER. (Click "Sign In" on top right, or follow this link)
Please refer to the Wiki License Agreement for wiki license.
If you are using adblock, or script blockers, the editor may not load or your edits may not save. We can't fix this because adblock alters how the page loads. If you'd like no ads but full features, we have a vip subscription that removes all adverts without need for external blockers. Disabling adblock on the wiki to edit requires that you do a full cookie+cache clear and include tinymce in your non-blocked resources (what is tinymce, how to get it/unblock it)
If you find bad information, do not "strike through". Simply delete it and replace with proper information
All information should be added in third person, the wiki's "voice" should be neutral, not "I".
Instead of "I recommend" use "It is recommended".
Instead of "I found that" use "Testing shows that".
Respect formatting relative to other pages. The wikis have templates that have been made to make editing easy.
Shortcuts are now enabled. If you highlight text, you can use
Ctrl+e = link (to word linked)
ctrl+b = bold
ctrl+i = italics
ctrl+u = underline
alt+shift+(number) = Heading (number)

Wiki Permissions

Most of our wikis are editable without having an account
Some wikis require you to log in to edit or create pages, add breadcrumbs or tags.
Only logged-in users may upload files, and files cannot be overwritten except by the uploader or an Organizer
Page renames, redirects and deletion are only available to Organizers. You can contact some of them without an account or email at:
Templates may only be created by Organizers, but all users can access them to create pages.
Videos are limited to approved contributors. If you would like to add your videos to the Fextralife wikis, please contact the administrators in the Fextralife forum.


Editing Guide
Quick List:

Creating a Page
Editing a Page
Adding / Changing Images
Adding Links
Creating Pretty Headings
Adding Columns & Infoboxes (the right-floated table)
Inserting Tables & Sortable Tables
Button Layout
Adding a Tag cloud
Tagging a page (so it shows up in tag clouds, ORGANIZER ONLY)

Creating a page

Log into your account
Find the "New Page +" button at the bottom left of the wiki.
If you cannot find this button, you can always simply type the name of the page you want on the URL after the /. So for example: of your Page Here


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