Psn: Octopus_Gang

Description:A pure archer, with a sword cause some people need it.

Starting class: Bandit

Stats: Sl ??? - Sl 85
  • VGR- 33 - 20
  • END- 35 - 25
  • VIT- 30 - 25
  • ATN- Base
  • STR- 10 - 10
  • DEX- 40 - 25
  • ADP- 25 - 20
  • INT- Base
  • FTH- 18 - 18 <- Not needed until you have the Bow of Want.


  • Right Hand: Dark, Fire, Lightning, or Magic.
Short Bow +6, early game
Hunter's Blackbow +10 until the end
Bow of Want +5 End game.

The reason it does not matter which element you pick is because your damage will be coming from the dexterity. The element is just to add elemental damage, and having a different arrow element I assume adds that element damage also. Not everyone has the same resistances so it's smart to have each one hitting them. Bow of Want has a slightly higher damage imbued with lightning. If the enemy is lightning resistant you are screwed.

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    • Anonymous

      Newcomer here, can you please tell me in what order I should level up the stats? I mean should I rush DEX and END and then level up the rest? Thanks in advance

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