Belfry Sol Enemies



Bell Keeper

Aggressive little dwarves, dedicated to protecting the bell. They appear as grey phantoms and will charge you with their axes held high, be warned as they can hit rather hard. Some of them can use bows, while others wield firebombs.

The bells are the symbols of forbidden love, and the marionettes who defend them do so with zealous passion.They've been watching over, and ringin', the bells forever. If you seek to stop them, or to ring a bell for yourself, you'll have to face these tiny terrors


Dark Spirit - Bell Keeper Mage

If you wish to ring the bell that invokes forbidden love and created beautiful sounds throughout the world, you'll need to defeat its keepers. This mage, like the puppets that surround her, is dedicated to stopping, and she's a bit more efficient about that than the little guys are

Dual Avelyn Bell Keeper.jpg

Dark Spirit - Dual Avelyn Bell Keeper

The Avelyn is a weapon of ancient design that has been rediscovered and brought into the world one more, and this old fellow uses two of them! He wears the mask of the Manikin, as well. Could this be another puppet?1

Greatsword Bell Keeper.jpg

Dark Spirit - Greatsword Bell Keeper

This is another member of the Bell Keepers; he towers above his allies in a very literal sense. What could have created such a motley crew of guardians? That must be the power of love

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