Brightstone Cove Tseldora Enemies



Hollow Crawler (Undead Supplicant)

Members of Prowling Magus congregation who are crawling on the floor. They will (slowly) crawl after and attempt to attack the player. Believed to be consist of Hollow Prisoners and hollowed Milfanito, can also be seen defending the Aldia Warlock in Shrine of Amana after the 4th bonfire ( Rise of the Dead).


Grand Tusk (Fanged Beast)

Giant fanged boars. Two appear in NG+ just after the first bonfire in Brightstone Cove Tseldora. They do not respawn once killed.


Hollow Peasant (Undead Peasant)

Former working-class residents of Brightstone Cove Tseldora. The mysterious events surrounding the town`s destruction robbed these unfortunate souls of their humanity and reduced them to cursed monsters; they now viciously attack any who wander into the settlement`s remains. Their weapons may be just farming equipment, but are enchanted with Dark and cause curse, along with doing a large amount of damage. This, coupled with their large numbers, makes them surprisingly dangerous.


Ducal Spider (Parasite Spider)

Brightstone Cove was abandoned years ago when the town was suddenly and mysteriously overrun by this parasitic species of giant spider. Many of the residents who were unable to escape were caught by the spiders and became their hosts, doomed to wander mindlessly at the whims of their bloodthirsty masters.


Spider Drone (Parasitized Undead)

Former residents of Brightstone Cove who failed to escape the wave of invading spiders and became the parasitic arachnids' hosts. A gruesome fate undeserved by those whom it befell, the still-living host is used as a source of nourishment by the spider as it seeks out new sources of food.


Hollow Mage

Hollow Drangleic mages encountered in Brightstone Cove Tseldora. Whether they were there before the town's destruction or moved in afterward is unknown; what is painfully clear is that they have no intention of allowing visitors to leave the ruins alive.
Their true origin is unknown, as with their old practice, they wear different robes according to their gender, Hollow Mage is confirmed to be male.
Sorcerers that will continually spam blue magic orbs at the player and will cast a series of smaller, faster orbs when the player gets close. To kill these from a distance and reduce the threat in the area, use either a bow, or catalyst/chime paired with binoculars. This way you can kill them safely. their moveset is same as their black counterpart except they cannot resurrect nearby enemies.


Basilisk (Sand Basilisk)

Frog-like creatures that cast the petrify effect on players by using a fog-breath attack, otherwise offer very little danger. A giant, and much more formidable, version will attack the player more directly. Unlike in Dark Souls, these enemies can inflict physical damage with a leaping attack.

In Shaded Woods and Aldia's Keep, default Basilisk can be found in caves and trapped inside carriages.

In Brightstone Cove Tseldora there is a subspecies of Basilisk (a.k.a. Sand Basilisk) whose bulbous false eyes have completely atrophied as an adaptation to living in desert environments. This variant still attacks with petrifying breath but has also learned to burrow under the sand, enabling it to ambush its prey and travel undetected.

In Shaded Woods and Aldia's Keep, there is a subspecies of Basilisk (a.k.a. Great Basilisk) whose the size is five times larger than normal basilisk and green skin tone whick makes them look like an enlarged treefrog, the range of the mist is much wider, and the melee attack can even break the cages.

See also: Great Basilisk



Hollow Priest (Dark Cleric)

Drangleic clerics in the service of the Prowling Magus. How and why they came to serve this evil being is as mysterious as the clerics themselves; it is uncertain whether they even retain their own consciousnesses or are merely extensions of the Magus' will.
- Dark Souls 2 Collector's Edition Guide Description
Clerics in the service of the Prowling Magus. They were once Drangleic Clerics, but now they're hollowed and became the servent of Aldia Warlock, a former Drangleic Priestess who is now a Fenito who serves under Lord Aldia, who captures the undead to conduct an experiment on converting them in dragons. Undead Aberration is the result of the experiment. While a church is believed to a relief, this one is infested with hollows, who blindly follows a false idol (Fool's Idol much?).

They can heal nearby hollows and hurl lightning spears to intruders who dare to interupt their peace, or for the Warlock, his precious experiments...

See also: Dark Priestess


Red Crystal Lizard

A Crystal Lizard whose dorsal stone is red rather than the usual blue. It is unknown whether this is merely a mutation of an entirely different species as the existence of these incredibly rare specimens has only recently been confirmed. Unlike their blue brethren, Red Crystal Lizards harbour a much more bizarre and dangerous secret; they are walking time bombs and will detonate in a massive explosion if disturbed.


Undead Devourer (Undead Pig)

Undead Devourers are enemies in Dark Souls II. They are first encountered on the right side of the mansion Majula .
  • Undead Devourers appear to be small, hollowed boars. They are almost always encountered in groups
  • Undead Devourers move and attack slowly, as well as deal poor damage, but have high HP and can be a nuisance if attacking in groups
  • The three little piglets near the Majula mansion can sometimes be replaced with 2 larger boars, it seems that they appear after the 3 piglets have been killed numerous times by the player.
  • Once these 2 boars have been killed a couple of times, 1 very big boar replaces them. After it has been killed, no boars seem to respawn.
  • Giant Undead Devourers appear in NG+ at Brightstone Cove Tseldora. They cause bleed build up and can stagger players with low poise
  • Provided you can manage to hit them, Soul Appease is an effective way to deal with them (the smaller pigs in Majula can be one hit Soul Appease, however they appear to be so small that if not on level ground the spell will "miss" them).

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