Dragon Aerie Enemies




Found in the Dragon Aerie, these foes resemble the Guardian Dragon boss in Aldia's Keep and share the same weaknesses, namely lightning. With a little patience and a ranged weapon of some sort, they are easy to defeat, as they tend not to move often, if at all; with no risk to your life, you can, e.g., fire arrows over some rocks at their wings. There are a total of three non-respawning dragons in the Dragon Aerie.

It is likely that these are actually drakes, given that it is established in Dark Souls fiction that the dragons were killed off by Gwyn and the other Lord Soul possessers.


Rupturing Hollow (Undead Citizen)

Mummified hollows which, when they detect a player, charge them at high speed. You can detect them early by the rattling of their chains. Often occur in groups. Their speed and aggression is intimidating and can force the player into a defensive, pressed battle. All Undead Citizens have a devastating "belly flop attack" -- see Rupturing Hollow page for details and variants.


Crystal Lizard

A timid species of sparkling reptile cloaked in total mystery. These strange creatures possess a variety of useful, and valuable, stones. These creatures are not well understood, as the procurement of specimens for study is an all-but-futile endeavor; Crystal Lizards are masters of escape and have a marked tendency to do so before anyone can get close enough to catch them.1



Royal Sorcerer Navlaan

A former sorcerer surrounded by conflicting rumors and great controversy, Navlaan gained infamy when he was supposedly executed along with his entire village for practicing Dark magic, but the truth is far more complicated. At first glance Navlaan appears to suffer from dissociative identity disorder and displays two opposite personalities. The reality, however, is not so easily explained; perhaps it would be better to draw your conclusions after meeting him yourself.

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