Grave of Saints Enemies



Rupturing Hollow (Undead Citizen)

Mummified hollows which, when they detect a player, charge them at high speed. You can detect them early by the rattling of their chains. Often occur in groups. Their speed and aggression is intimidating and can force the player into a defensive, pressed battle. All Undead Citizens have a devastating "belly flop attack" -- see Rupturing Hollow page for details and variants.


Hunting Rat (Corpse Rat)

Rats infected with a dangerous plague which can petrify the player. This makes them very dangerous in large groups because the petrification can build up quickly.


Abandoned Hollow (Undead Prisoner)

Ubiquitous unarmed and unclothed Undead whose journeys were cut tragically short when they went Hollow; their corpses can be found throughout Drangleic still clutching the various items they carried. Those not yet fully dead are often dormant when first encountered and in such cases they will stand to attack only when the player alerts them to his or her presence. Those in Undead Crypt rise from beneath the earth, from under gravestones.



Dingy Cleric Phantom

A close inspection reveals old dried blood. What tragedy could have befallen its original owner?


Faraam Knight Phantom

Forossa Lion Knight. The mighty Lion Knights, worshippers of the war god Faraam, wore heavy armor and were feared for their nimble two-handed swordplay. But their legacy was cut short with the fall of Forossa.


Rhoy the Explorer

A Red Spirit with transparent aurous armor and invisible shotels

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      It would appear that at the moment, DS2 SotFS NG (maybe no covenant), the common enemies don't have a spawn limit. Can someone confirm this? Are there other enemies like this?

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