Harvest Valley Enemies



Abandoned Hollow (Captive Undead)

Sword Hollow. The most lowly of the hollows, slow moving and dressed only in minimal rags. Most are bare-handed, though some wield torches. Often feign death or otherwise hide, e.g., by hanging out of sight from a cliff face. Really only a problem in groups or if you forget about them, and the catch you unawares.

The Undead hunts during the reign of the Iron King took place in this forest, and the cells in which the Undead were held still stand there to this day. However, the march of time has eroded any difference between the captors and the captives


Banedigger (Mounted Overseer)

From atop gigantic monstrosoties capable of exerting tremendous amounts of dark power, weak overseers watch over the Laborers of Harvest Valley. The mounts have as much in common with demonic steeds as anything humanoid.

The giant and the rider is counted as a whole piece of entity rather than two seperated entities, generally it shoots a dark orb projectile (but it isn't a hex, therefore cannot be silenced with Profound Still), if you're getting too close, it'll use melee attacks instead, oddly you can use it to break barricades, with the help of Yearn spell.


Hammersmith (Undead Steelworker)

These brutish characters may have once worked for the Iron King in the construction of the many weapons and armors that he required, but now they are as Hollowed as the Laborers who slave away in the mines. There is a difference, however: strength. The Steelworkers heft huge hammers whereas the common laborers merely flail about with their arms.




Skeletons are enemies in Dark Souls II. They can first be encountered in the basement of the Majula Mansion. They are reanimated remains of humanoids, and manifestations of necromancy. In most cases, if a skeleton is nearby, so is a Hollow Mage (Black). This is not true for the Majula and Harvest Valley skeleton. Those that are slain can be revived repeatedly by a nearby Hollow Mage (Black), until the Hollow Mage is killed. Skeletons are relatively weak, both in damage and HP, but move and attack swiftly. They also have the ability to parry, if carrying a shield. They are extremely resilient to thrust (i.e. spear) based attacks, somewhat resistant to slash (i.e. sword) based attacks, and weak against strike (i.e. mace) based attacks. Oddly, skeletons are vulnerable to Yearn and Alluring Skull, as they're mindless, in short, Force can dispatch them by pushing them to bottomless pit.

"This curved sword-wielding Skeleton is hiding in Cale's house in Majula. It's unknown whose Skeleton this might be or what force animates it; perhaps Cale inadvertently disturbed this poor soul's resting place. Either way, it must be dispatched before Cale will return to the residence… and if you want the treasures it guards." - Majula Skeleton Description

"These reanimated corpses are often under the control of a Necromancer, and they will be revived repeatedly until their Wizard is killed. Whether they served the Iron King or fled from his troops in life makes no difference now, as they are the property of their necromantic masters" - Huntsman's Copse Skeleton Description

The skeletons in this region are of unknown origins. They could be former subjects of the Iron King who were worked to death in the poisonous mines or poor Souls who wandered in more recently. Regardless, whether it was the massive Pools of Poison or giant monsters overseeing the Laborers, something killed these poor fools… but they've left it to you to finish the job." - Harvest Valley Skeleton Description

See also:
Hollow Mage (Black)

N ote on Names:
This wiki uses the name "Skeleton" to refer to all skeletons in the game.
FarFire and FuturePress use "Helmed Skeleton" and "Armored Skeleton", respectively, in referring to the later game skeletons in Huntsman's Copse.


Undead Huntsman (Artificial Undead)

A massive, hulking beast of an Undead, this creature is disturbingly unnatural. This patchwork monstrosity wields two Full Moon Sickles and swings them with immense power.Who would create such a monster? The Iron King himself sought to destroy the Undead, not create them…

Giant hollows wielding twin sickles. Slow, but powerful and can easily kill an unprepared player. They also do bleed damage and their attacks go around a blocking shield.


Undead Laborer

Torch Hollow. As if a lifetime of toil wasn't enough, these workers continue their duties even in death. And this time, their job is to kill you. Probably as in life, these under-appreciated, down-trodden souls simply aren't equipped for the task -- they face you unarmed



Poison Brumer (Poison Horn Beetle)

Are these beetles the source of the poison that fills the earth below the mines, or are they merely the only insects that can survive in these conditions, either way, they suit the Queen`s tastes perfectly.


Crystal Lizard

A timid species of sparkling reptile cloaked in total mystery. These strange creatures possess a variety of useful, and valuable, stones. These creatures are not well understood, as the procurement of specimens for study is an all-but-futile endeavor; Crystal Lizards are masters of escape and have a marked tendency to do so before anyone can get close enough to catch them.1

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