Heide's Tower of Flame Enemies


Old Knight

Old Knight

Old Knights are enemies in Dark Souls II. They are first encountered immediately after entering Heide's Tower of Flame through the Majula waterway.
  • Old Knights are giant sentinels from an ancient time, when the Heide Kingdom reigned. They are reminiscent of the brass giants from Dark Souls I
  • Old Knights have fairly high HP, damage output, and staggering attacks, but slow movement and attack speed
  • Old Knights may use ultra greatswords, swords and shields, or great hammers. They all have telegraphed and relatively slow swing speeds
  • Old Knights cannot be staggered, backstabbed, or parried. But they are fairly easy to circle strafe, and their attacks are easy to roll through
  • Old Knights are weak against magic and strike (i.e. mace) type attacks

Sentinel Phantom

Roaming Soul - Blue Sentinel NG+

Fallen Knights of the Blue wearing Targray's sentinel uniform, including the Blue Knight's Halberd. But where did they get those ominous shields from?

Executioner Phantom

Roaming Soul - Chariot Lance Executioner NG+

A bloodthirsty aspirant to the Brotherhood, wearing the Undead Executioner's accoutrements and wielding one of the chariot spikes as a lance.

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      Well, there are Heide Knights in this place in the Scholor of the first sin version. This must be on the 360 version.

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        Why is their no Heide knight on this page. I'm deeply confused because their called Heide knights for a reason.

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