Memories of the Ancients Enemies



Giant Warrior (Giant)

Note on Name
Giant Warrior is the generic name for all of the giants in Memories of the Ancients. There are many variants which you can find on the Giant Warrior page.

All are hard hitting, tough giants that will kill unwary players very quickly. There are three versions/variants: the standard giant; the sorcerer/caster giant which uses magic (poison or fire) along with its bare hands to attack and wears dark rugs on his torso; and, a much larger (massive) giant that has a single club and can easily one-shot you.


Infantry (Royal Infantry)

Enlisted infantrymen of the Drangleic Army, these brave but lightly-equipped men are weary from battle and suffering waning morale.
They are found locked in combat with the Giants in several locations throughout the flashback areas and may also misidentify the player as a threat.

The non-hollowed version of the Hollow Infantry.


Royal Soldier

A living and healthy albeit battle-scarred and exhausted soldier of the Drangleic Army. Under the command of Captain Drummond, they defended the fort against the invading Giants. Many of those who died during the battle rose again as Hollows and have continued to watch over the fort to this very day

The non-hollowed version of the Hollow Royal Soldier.



Great Giant Warrior (Giant)

True, gargantuan giants with holes for faces, they will hit extremely hard with the huge mace-like weapons they carry. Fought as a pair.its attacks are unblock able and will go straight through your shield.
Im not so sure how much health it has, but it is around 2000-3000, its attacks do 500-900. my tip is to stay right behind its legs and attack only once every now and then. sometimes it may hit you with one attack how it plunges both its weapons back and it can hit you if not careful. its mostly weak as hell if it cant hit you id also recommend wearing vengals armour for fights with this creature if there are two or one other giants try to lure the weaker one away.

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