Shrine of Amana Enemies


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Aldia Warlock

This warlock shares the exact same appearance as the boss Prowling Magus.

The Aldia Warlock will start attacking you from a far range, although telegraphs its attacks slowly, making it very easy to dodge or strafe attacks. This enemy wears little armor and deals less than impressive damage and so is easy to stagger and stunlock with a two handed light weapon. Players also need to be careful on one specific attack, Because this enemy is located on a cliffside the dark Force attack can cause you to fall off the edge.

This is the ONLY Non-Phantom enemy that that will drop the Warlock Mask and Cursed Bone Shield (Before and after NG+). This makes these items very rare as this enemy does not respawn without the aid of a Bonfire Ascetic. It is Recommended to farm these items on this enemy (As opposed to Red Invader Merciless Roenna, who is also an Aldia Warlock variant) as bonfire ascetics only effects this enemy and a few Hollowed Milfanitos.

Generally, they wear Warlock Mask, Lion Mage Cuffs, Priestess Robe and Skirt (can be identified by Merciless Roenna), the incantation is same as Whisper of Despair, and they're also Fenito, this can be indentified by their cyan skin tone and crimson eyes, as shared with the other Grave Wardens. The catalyst/halberd (not to be confused with Roaring Halberd; this one is double-edged) they wield shares the same design as the one wielded by one of the three Skeleton Lords, although you cannot obtain the catalyst by any means.

It is speculated the Warlocks were once Drangleic Priestesses, which can be identified by the robe, as with the location of the Prowling Magus: the church, but they've sided with Lord Aldia, turned themselves into Fenito, a race of the guardians of the dead, acted as a false idol, lured many Undead Citizen and even Milfanito into Aldia's Keep or Sinners' Rise, and converted them into Undead Aberrations in order to recreate the extincted Dragon.

Another theory is Fenito are probably a species created by Lord Aldia rather than being naturally existed, and that Aldia Warlocks acted as a successor among all the Fenito of Aldia's creations if compared to Navlaan, Najka, and Tark.

Oddly, they were supposed to appear in King's Passage (via the TGS Trailer), but were moved to Shrine of Amana.


Amana Aberration (Lizard Man)

A Hollow that lived in an aquatic environment for an extended period of time and eventually adapted to its surroundings by mutating into its present form. These creatures prowl the shallow waters of the Shrine of Amana, perpetually searching for sources of fresh Souls.1

A strange, hollowed, rat-like enemy found in the Shrine of Amana who spend their time sitting in the water listening to the singing of the Milfanito sisters. Moves very quickly in the water, is very hard to locate without locking-on, and will aggressively attack players using a torch. They tend to be located near other Amana Aberrations or the casters in the area. They can inflict cursing and bleeding damage so its best to fight from range or block while in the water.

They are docile while the Milfanito is singing, evident by the fireflies surrounding them. This can be used to locate and snipe them from afar.

Possibly created from some twisted experiment in Aldia's keep, as they possess features of both Basilisks and normal hollows.


Amana Priestess (Amana Shrine Maiden)

Hollowed priestesses formerly responsible for performing the sealing rituals which imprisoned the Demon of Song.
Over time the line of shrine maidens gradually died off and, with no successors to pass down the sacred rites, the seal broke and Demon was freed from its prison.

These female sorcerers cast Homing Soul Arrow at you. They have an extremely large aggro range and the spell will track you over large distances. They are able to lock onto and attack you from maximum view range with powerful, fast, homing soul arrows. In melee combat they use their staffs in wide sweeps in front of them. Note: Since patch 1.03, the homing soul arrows don't home in as they used to (now you just need to move left or right) and do slightly less damage.

Note: An interesting variant is a healer Priestess who heals everyone around her when she is hurt or her allies are damaged. Has no offensive attacks or spells. Only one appears in NG, just before Rhoy's Resting Place bonfire (3rd bonfire), hiding behind the two Archdrake Pilgrims at the cave entrance. More come out in NG+.



Archdrake Pilgrim (Lindelt Cleric)

A powerful enemy who uses a mace found in the Shrine of Amana. Runs at a decent speed in the water and tends to be accompanied by either a sorcerer, another protecter, or a few water rats. They deal decent damage and can stun-lock with his combo attack. They have a moderate aggro range on sight. They can be stunlocked pretty easy (using a Ricards Rapier).


Great Poison Brumer (Giant Acid Horn Beetle)

A vastly overgrown Acid Horn Beetle. Whether these impressive specimens are the result of some misguided Aldian experiment or an unusually long life is unknown; they are extremely rare and only a few exist in Drangleic.


Hollow Crawler (Undead Supplicant)

Members of Prowling Magus congregation who are crawling on the floor. They will (slowly) crawl after and attempt to attack the player. Believed to be consist of Hollow Prisoners and hollowed Milfanito, can also be seen defending the Aldia Warlock in Shrine of Amana after the 4th bonfire ( Rise of the Dead).




The rank of Dragonrider was reserved for honorable warriors who helped found Drangleic. Together with the king, they crushed its former inhabitants and erected a magnificent kingdom upon their graves .

Long ago, the dragonriders mounted wyrms, and were feared on the battlefield for their unparalleled strength.


Peculiar Kindalur

A strange man of unknown origins who will invade the player a short distance past Rhoy's Resting Place in the Shrine of Amana. While his name and appearance suggest an eclectic character, his talent with magic is unquestionable and he will attack with a diverse arsenal of dangerous spells.



Born of Aldia's Obsession with the First Sin, the Forlorn lost both their corporeal form and a world to call their own. Now they drift into other worlds, ever in search of a home. But without self, one has neither beginning nor end, and so the Forlorn have only to wander.



Butcher Phantom

A red phantom only appears in 2+ Bonfire Intensity.

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