Shrine of Winter Enemies



Forrest Grotesque (Goblin)

Goblins and humanoid creatures that lurk in the Shaded Woods. These monstrosities are probably inspired by Gakis and Pretas (cannibal demons of the japanese folklore with an huge belly).
  • Can attack using hands or clubs. They are very easy to kill, but can be dangerous if they gang up on you.
  • Covered in poison and can inflict poison build-up with each hit.
  • Can do a weak rock-throwing ranged attack.
  • Afraid of fire.


Crystal Lizard

A timid species of sparkling reptile cloaked in total mystery. These strange creatures possess a variety of useful, and valuable, stones. These creatures are not well understood, as the procurement of specimens for study is an all-but-futile endeavor; Crystal Lizards are masters of escape and have a marked tendency to do so before anyone can get close enough to catch them.1


Heide Knight

Heide Knights are enemies in Dark Souls II. They are first encountered after climbing a ladder beyond the The Crestfallen's Retreat bonfire.
  • Heide Knights served as protectors for the ancient Heide kingdom. However, their land sunk into the sea long ago, and only time distortion could explain their presence in Drangleic.
  • Heide Knights' equipment is made of a special alloy that is incredibly durable. Even after thousands of years, weapons and armors found in game have not deteriorated.
  • Heide Knights are non-hostile until attacked by players.
  • Heide Knights have high HP, swift attacks and movement, and deal significant damage. They can surprise and stagger players with their combos.
  • Heide Knights, although proficient in close ranged combat, have no ranged attacks. They can also be parried and backstabbed.

In Scholar of the First Sin, they appear in Heide's tower, and, while generally non-hostile to begin with, some do attack on sight, and the rest will become hostile and roam the area after the Dragon Rider is killed. They no longer have a 100% drop.

Note: This is the third Heide Knight who wields the lance.

Royal Swordsman.jpg

Royal Swordsman

The Royal Swordsman were chosen from the bravest of King Vendrick's men, and provided them with the best armor available for the war against the Giants. However, very few survived the battles. While they may be no match for Giants, they still pose a threat when they attack you in numbers

Royal Swordsmen are encountered in The Lost Bastille and Drangleic Castle. They are often found in teams of around 3-4 soldiers and they will work together to overwhelm the player. They wield greatswords and crossbows.
Though both of them look alike, the Castle variant are more aggressive and can do more damage. Standing their ground when using the crossbow and switching weapons only when the player approaches within a few units of distance.

They are weak to Thrust (i.e. Spears) type attacks.

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