Like most of you (maybe) have love to read a book, I have the first of Eragon's saga by 10 years (as a gift in the christmas 2004), I was only 9, too young to read a novel.
Anyway the last month I basically eat all the saga, and when I done I was attempted to bring my version of Eragon on Dark Souls 2, and that's it.
That's only a cosplay, nothing more.
How to get all the stuff on NG?
Use bonfire ascetic, a easy method to farming it, it's join the "dark hood covenant", doing the dungeon and kill all the enemys, they probably leave x2 or x3 each enemy (the drop rate is really high).
Follow the guide, or simply click on the rapid build description, each item I put in can be clicked and redirect to a detailed guide.
That's my personal views as integration of Eragon in Dark Souls 2.

But if you want a different and also great build follow the next few cosplay I'll do stay tuned.
I'll start the character today, also it will take few days to end the game and get the final stuff.
contact me on steam if you need any explanation.

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      Well, Eragon was fond of using shields, but he was quite often required to fight when he didn't have one on hand, in which case he obviously wanted a two-handed weapon - he therefore had the elf smith lady make him a hand-and-a-half sword, one light enough to be agile enough to be used strategically one handed. A "bastard sword". Where did you pull "giant claymore" from? Although I will admit, the bastard sword is extremely inaccurate and clumsy in this game, so probably not the best choice. Also, what's with the dragon armor? I don't recall him looking like a crazy yellow dragon, do you? No, the faraam breastplate fits his description much better, with a open-faced helmet and some light fingerless gloves. It would also make sense for him to be more of a "sword wizard", not a exclusive pyromancer. (No, I don't know or care what he looks like in the movies, they suck anyhow.)

      • I'm a big fan of the inheritance cycle books but im pretty sure the broadsword or longsword would remind me of Brisinger more than the claymore. also the armor doesnt really fit the description in the book, but rather the knight set might be more suited for eragons personality although id have to look into the character customization to figure out how to give him pointed ears and slanted eyes. just my opinion on this cosplay

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