Eternal Sanctum Key


Key to the inner chamber of the Eternal Sanctum.
The Sunken King erected the Eternal Sanctum to shelter Sinh the Dragon.
The sanctum appears to be a solemn temple, but it is filled with devilish creatures that ensure no trespasser shall cause offense.

 Eternal Sanctum Key is a Key Item in Dark Souls 2.








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    • Anonymous

      can someone fix this cause this key is not on the spiked floor but upper, where red flaming statues are (not the 2 with chests tho)

      • Whilst running around to break all of the sarcophagus, the gowen ring that reduces damage to the player's back is a good choice found earlier in the sanctum. I used it in my NG+ run and my health was moving millimetres in comparison. Just be aware that the ring weight is around 10, even though fat rolling doesn't matter much as long as your back is facing the enemy. Hope this helps people that can't tank much damage :)

        • Anonymous

          If you are having trouble un-Ghosting the Sanctum Knights, there are a couple of places where you can get them to rebound off your shield and fall to a lower level, and one broken stairway you can use to make them fall to their deaths, ghost or not.

          • Anonymous

            This description kinda sucks. I found it though. If starting in the room with spikes, go up the ladder(the only ladder in the room) and cross the bridge with the Sanctum Priestess. In the room with the Sanctum Priestess, Sanctum Knight, and chest, turn right and cross the short bridge that leads to some stairs that slightly wind leftward. You should find a room with 3 Sanctum Knights and a bridge in the middle of the room. The key is across the bridge, on a pile of bones to the right.

            • Anonymous

              Omfg. The description is vague, the video link doesn't work anymore and googling this***** doesn't work either.

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