Executioner's Chariot

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HP: 4000-6000 (Standard Game)
Souls Awarded: 19000 (Standard Game) 38000 (NG+)
Drops: Executioner's Chariot Soul, Chloranthy Ring +2 (NG+)

Like the name describes Executioner's Chariot, the boss is actually the Chariot and not the skeleton riding it. This boss has two phases. The Death Chase phase and the Fighting Phase. While in the Death Chase phase he will constantly ride in a circular motion around the map, in the fighting phase you will combat the two headed horse that pulls the Chariot.
To fight this boss again on NG:
You need to use a Bonfire Ascetic on the Undead Purgatory Bonfire, none of the Huntsman Bonfires. It doesn't seem to follow the same pattern as the rest of the bosses/bonfire progressions, but the Undead Purgatory Bonfire resets and strengthens all the enemies preceding the Chariot bossfight. I tested this by using my ascetics on all the Huntsman bonfires, with no change in enemies, then using it on the Undead Purgatory Bonfire and seeing them strengthened and the boss reset, and stronger, with the stamina ring available.

The boss is stronger and more difficult as any NG+ enemy/boss but so are the enemies (on the pillars) preceding the fight. Be wary and prepared for the mobs before the boss. An easy and safe way to get rid of the mobs is by using a bow to pull them from a safe distance. This avoids mass pulls. Use (poison) arrows to kill the respawning phantom right before boss. Position yourself on the bridge between the two holes and he won't follow but run up and down the bridge. Shoot him down. Good luck.



Stomp The Horse raises it upper body and stomps on the ground with his hooves
Dark Breath The Horse will breathe a stream of Dark breath from his mouth. The best way to avoid this attack is the circle him, once he starts the animation he is vulnerable to attacks.
Charge The Horse will charge at you. This attack is telegraphed by his lowering his head downward before rushing forward. Dodge by rolling forward and to the side.
Side Attack If you are on the side of the horse he will throw his head sideways and attempt to hit you. This is avoidable by simply circling him
Kick Being behind the horse will trigger him to stand on his two front legs and kick at you with his back ones.



This boss fight is rather simple once you make it past the Death Chase phase. The fight consists of three phases: Killing the two Necromancers, pulling the lever, and killing the boss. Once you enter the room, a cut-scene will occur showing a skeleton pulling a lever which raises a gate. Once this boss fight starts, the Chariot will appear on your left and its way in a circular fashion counter-clockwise around the arena. Do not attempt to go to the right, as there is a gaping pit that you will fall through, while the chariot can still traverse this path.
There are a total of two Necromancers in this boss fight. The first one is linked with the first three skeletons that will arise from the ground and attack you. The second is linked with the other four. They will continue to resurrect the skeletons, which should all but be ignored. The first Necromancer will be found in an alcove on the outer, left side of the arena, and should be killed above all things first. From the entrance, run left, ignoring the first three skeletons. (Both Yearn and Alluring Skulls are useful here to keep the skeletons busy while running for the Necromancers.) The only way to avoid damage from the chariot is to duck inside one of the numerous alcoves in the walls. The scythes mounted on the chariot wheels can be rolled through but proper timing is mandatory. After the chariot passes the first time, this should give you enough time to get to the Necromancer. Once he's dead, allow the chariot to pass by again before moving on. With the necromancer dead, the chariot will ride down and kill the skeletons, so don't bother with them.
Keep pressing forward and do the exact same thing. Dodge past the next group of skeletons and duck into an alcove, allowing the chariot to pass again, then make your way to the second necromancer, who is found in an alcove on the inner, right side of the arena. Once this necromancer is finished and the skeletons are kill, wait for the chariot to pass once more, then run to the opposite side of the arena and pull the lever found there.
After you've pulled the lever, the gate will come down and the chariot will crash through it, destroying the chariot and killing the skeleton riding it. This is when it switches to the Fighting Phase. The fighting phase of it can be done by ranged or melee, which ever you prefer. For melee just circle the horse and wait from him to attack first. Then strike when he's in his recovery animation. Once he begins to blow breath attack, avoid it by going to his side or ducking into an alcove. During his breath attack is when he is most vulnerable, and you can deal the most damage.

Rush through strategy:

There is a short way to end this fight. First is running as fast as possible and hugging the left wall--depleting the stamina bar will force the cool down of running to initiate thus preventing the player from running. The first Necromancer is three coves to the left, so the player can run, get in the same cove as the Necromancer and kill him; if done correctly, the player can get in before the chariot arrives. After that is the second Necromancer to the right; the player should avoid the Chariot this time by hiding or rolling (rolling shouldn't be done too early) at the side ways of the Chariot, then after the second curve there is the Necromancer. The next step after killing the Necromancer is running away from Skeletons and letting the Chariot take care of them. Now the player can safely pull the lever and fight the boss.
Summary: Run to the first Necromancer in the third left cove; do not lock on him to avoid lock on issues.
Run to the second Necromancer to the right; he can be found four coves away or after the curve. Then let the boss kill the skeletons and pull the lever.
The boss can hit hard, so avoiding his attacks and punishing him after recovery is recommended. Some of his melee attacks have ground effects, so sticking close is dangerous.

Alternate Kill strategy

.You can use a ranged weapon or an large area spell (Preferably soul vortex, because of the boss's large hitbox) in order to kill the boss. Hide in one of the side holes and wait for the boss to pass. Shoot or cast a spell as he comes near to damage him. Poison works quite well. Once the boss is at 30-40% health the chariot will fall into the hole. All you have to do then is hit the horse once and it falls and dies.

Video Strategy:



  • The cuts go in the pattern of ~Right-Left-~Right-Left~ But they are close enough to each other to the point that it doesn't matter.
  • You can dodge the blades of the chariot
  • Three Skeleton can trap you in one of the cut offs so be careful once you enter one
  • The final 'fight' phase can be avoided by damaging the boss as it circles the arena (by using either ranged attack or arrows.) Once the boss reaches 25% health it will 'miss' the pit jump and the horses will hang onto the edge, where one successful attack will knock the boss into the abyss, killing it.
  • (Easy Tactic!) The skeleton minions will chase alluring skulls. If you're having trouble, you can use these decoys to keep them occupied while you go after the necromancers. Use an alluring skull everytime you search cover and the fight will be a blast.
  • If you keep getting overwhelmed by skeletons: kill the nearest one before he assembles, kill the second one right after he assembles, hide on right side - chariot does first pass and will knock down the 3rd skeleton, rush out and kill him before he gets up. Sprint to the first necromancer, kill her and you have moment to breathe. Next part is tricky, be aware of the skeleton with rapier (thrusting), he breaks your poise very easily! In the cove where 1st necromancer was, wait for chariot, when he passes, wait 2s, run to the archer on the right side, try to kill him - woosh another pass, all skellies should be down, use sweeping type of attack (eg. 1h Ultra Greatsword) to wipe the floor, move one more alcove and hide. Woosh. Sprint to second necromancer, she should be just about ressing the skellies. Kill it, refresh your health, apply weapon buff, pull the lever.
  • Also a location for farming Black Hollow Mage Set and Lizard Staff

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    • Anonymous

      This is a pretty fun fight. I think the gank squad actually fits here and adds to the intensity of trying to get as far as possible before the chariot comes back. I've been very disappointed with most of the rest of this game, but this boss fight is making my heart race, and the horse fight isn't bad either. Cramped space trapped and staring down a charging two headed horse ? Hell yeah. This game has its many flaws with ganks, I know it, trust me, but this gimmick fight was pretty fun for me.

      • Anonymous

        Shoutouts to fromsoft for blocking the fog entrance to the chariot boss from the undead purgatory bonfire after using an ascetic, meaning we have to go through the entire godawful runback from the other way AGAIN and now with suped up enemies. :D

        • Anonymous

          This boss literally made me quit when this game came out.
          Now I’ve beat it, cheering my victory, only to find out it was totally optional and didn’t have anything useful and just sighing and moving on.
          Pretty Dark Souls honestly

          • Anonymous

            Bro, i am stupid. I actually lowered the damn gate and made this whole thing harder than it is supposed to be. I could just shoot the damn thing to death instead, that would be way easier.

            • Anonymous

              Finding it hard to deal with the skeleton gank squad? Do you have the yearn sorcery? If so, Yearn can go make the skeletons wander off to chase butterflies and get run over while you deal with the summoners, or after they are dead, just not bother you while you hide.

              Trivializes the worst part of the boss fight.

              • Anonymous

                Man, just killed it without killing the necromancers first, thought i was going to die so many times and didnt. Kill yhe necromancers first.

                • Anonymous

                  To those of you who want to rush to the boss and not bother fighting along the way, rush there and jump across the little gap just before the entrance. Any enemies will back away/fall down.

                  • Anonymous

                    There are two pages for this enemy, one with an apostrophe and one without. Also, in SotFS, there's one of these (minus the chariot it pulls) in Drangleic Castle. https://darksouls2.wiki.fextralife.com/Executioner's+Chariot https://darksouls2.wiki.fextralife.com/Executioners+Chariot (apostrophe can also be %27 in the url)

                    • Anonymous

                      The strategy of hiding in the alcoves as the chariot passes is stupid. Tried that multiple times and kept getting ganked by the skeletons. Its super easy just to roll through the blades. The timing isn’t that hard. Unless using alluring skulls to draw the attention of the skeletons I would avoid hiding in the alcoves

                      • Anonymous

                        This is the one. This one right here. anyone who eventually gives up on this game will have one. This is the boss that beat me. Congratulations Miazaki. You have beat me.

                        • Anonymous

                          Another method: kill all necromancers as explained, and run to the pit the chariot jumps over. Pull out a large club, and do batting practice with the chariot. If you're hugging the wall right next to the pit (I do the right side) the chariot cannot hurt you until after it lands. This is the cheapest and easiest way of killing it.

                          • Anonymous

                            For me, the best way to kill the boss was to equip a +10 dagger, run into the boss area, immediately throw an alluring skull to the right, then run on the left side and hide in the first corridor to avoid the horse. Then immediately run to the corridor the necromancer is in and spam it with R2 dagger attacks until it is dead. Stay in the corridor and wait for the horse to circle a few times to make sure all of the skeletons are dead. Then run back to the very beginning and hide in the corridor opposite to the fog door you entered. From that corridor, aim the bow in to your left and target where the boss will pass. A combination of lingering flame and great heavy soul arrows will reduce the health to the degree that it falls to the edge of the cliff. You then run down the hall and toss alluring skulls to keep the skeletons from bothering you. Once you get to the horse, one shot will cause it to fall off the cliff. You can then exit the boss room to avoid all of the skeletons chasing you.

                            • Anonymous

                              You can bring Bashful Ray to this fight. When you start from Huntsman's Copse, first clear out all of the enemies up until the mist gate that leads to Executioner's Chariot. Now, do not enter the gate, but return back to the summoning place of Bashful Ray. Summon him and run to the mist gate, and he will follow. Once you step in, he'll come after you and help with the skeletons/necromancers and the boss. While he is not intelligent enough to run to alcoves to avoid the chariot, he does have a lot of hit points and can take a few chariot assaults.

                              • I just wanna throw out there watch out for your equipment durability one boss fight failure on this boss broke all 4 pieces of my aurous invisible set and my dark pyromancy flame, so just take that into account with this boss.

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