00_level 10 icon-strength 6
icon-vigor 7 icon-dexterity 6
icon-endurance 6 icon-adaptability 12
icon-vitality 9 icon-intelligence 5
icon-attunement 7 icon-faith_22 5


The Explorer is a starting class in Dark Souls 2.

Well-traveled explorer.
Not terribly powerful,
but has many items.


Explorer Starting Equipment and Items

Weapons: Dagger, Wood Bolt (x20)
Armor: Traveling Merchant Set
Items: Lifegem (x20), Witching Urn (x8), Aromatic Ooze (x4), Prism Stone (x5), Rusted Coin (x2), Repair Powder, Pharros Lockstone (x1), Spell Quartz Ring


Notes and Tips About Explorer

Notes: One of the weakest classes in terms of offense, they are almost on par with the Deprived despite being at level 10, and their item based special attacks are limited. Few of the items he has are ones that can't be obtained from early game merchants. However, the Pharros Lockstone may come in handy to open a treasure room, they do start with the highest Adaptablilty among all classes, so you may invest into a Dex. build if you want to have a character with decent dodging frame or climbing speed. Also, their 20 Lifegems are quite handy early on, that is until the moment when the merchants sell infinite Lifegems.

See builds for more information.



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    • Anonymous

      30 May 2021 18:07  

      Dagger? check!

      Lockstone? check!

      Adaptability already levelled? Check!

      Otherwise a blank slate poised to DW daggers or do whatever you want.

      My favorite starting class, its liked Deprived +3

      • Anonymous

        27 May 2020 08:50  

        One of the best class, Easy to use and Reliable and quite strong, The Hat is increasing Drop Chance which is amazing

        • Anonymous

          13 Oct 2019 18:24  

          Today's new character I made is "Erex N. Bjanni". Curiosity guides him. Crazy good at exploration and collector of the strange. Kind, but, carrying the sternness to pull himself through any obstacle. Drangleic, a kingdom built on the ghosts of countless many that had fallen before, became appealing to the many few that succumbed to Curse or Wanderlust. Bjanni realized how outclassed he was, and, took up small bits of Sorcery and Hexes to defend himself if need be, more focused on unlocking the strange mysteries surrounding the Kingdom's fall.

          • Anonymous

            19 Mar 2019 23:26  

            I might be wrong - but I remember in the early Vanilla DS2 version ,this class had a bandit knife as starting weapon? or are my senses betraying me?

            • Anonymous

              20 Nov 2018 19:48  

              the explorer is just your standard hoarder keep tons of items for every situation & keep upgrading your intelligence & faith so you can use items that scale with them like magic fire bombs & jar of lightning & regular fire bombs witch scale with faith & intelligence of course this is only the case in dark souls 2 not dark souls 1

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