Eye Of the Priestess


The eye of the First Priestess
who watched over Eleum Loyce.
Allows one to see the unseen.
All the great priestesses replaced
one of their birth eyes with this,
returning it after their term was complete"

 Eye of the Priestess is a Key item in Dark Souls 2.




  • Allows you to see enemies with a cloak effect. This includes Aava, the King's Pet and invisible soldiers through the Ivory Crown DLC.
  • Allows you to see cloaked enemies in the Shaded Woods, both fog area and the ones in Shaded Ruins. (SotFS only)
  • Allows you to see a hidden ladder on the rampart closest to the starting bonfire (Eye is not required to climb).
  • Allows you to see the summon sign of Masterless Glencour on the path to the Aava boss fight.




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    • Anonymous

      Lore moment: Maybe this originally belonged to the Lost Sinner? She even has an empty eye socket where the chaos bug crawls into

      • Anonymous

        The prompt to get the item didn't pop up for me at first because I apparently wasn't facing the skull or the very left side, making me think at first that the skeleton on the altar was just decoration and there's nothing there. Thanks, Souls 2 director.

        • Anonymous

          i was doing a build where you can beat the dlc early pretty easily using the ring of champions. i beat all three and after that went to the shaded woods to find that the ghosts were visible! thats such a cool detail!

          • Anonymous

            It should be noted that having the Eye of the Priestess in your inventory alone does not seem to be the trigger for making Aava visible. While playing with item randomizer and keys randomized I found the Eye of the Priestess before I took it from the altar and went to the Aava fight only to find that the summon signs were not there- and Aava was still 'invisible' . I've yet to test activating the altar without having the key in my inventory yet but I'd venture to guess that it's the taking of the item (regardless of what the item gets randomized to)- from the altar that activates these effects rather than having the key item in your inventory at all. There may be something else to this that I'm not quite getting- and it could use a little more testing- but for anyone playing with random keys on an item randomizer- it seems you must go and take the item from the altar regardless of if you have the Eye of the Priestess in your inventory.

            • Anonymous

              Does it remain in your inventory in subsequent playthroughs? If so, this really needs to be listed on the page.

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