Eye Of the Priestess


The eye of the First Priestess
who watched over Eleum Loyce.
Allows one to see the unseen.
All the great priestesses replaced
one of their birth eyes with this,
returning it after their term was complete"


Eye of the Priestess is a Key item in Dark Souls 2.




  • Allows you to see enemies with a cloak effect. This includes Aava, the King's Pet and invisible soldiers through the Ivory Crown DLC.
  • Allows you to see cloaked enemies in the Shaded Woods, both fog area and the ones in Shaded Ruins. (SotFS only)
  • Allows you to see a hidden ladder on the rampart closest to the starting bonfire (Eye is not required to climb).
  • Allows you to see the summon sign of Masterless Glencour on the path to the Aava boss fight.



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