Fall Damage

Fall Damage in Dark Souls 2 has a larger impact on the gameplay than the previous iterations. It is based on a static damage model, meaning you take the same amount of fall damage from the same location regardless of soul level. This has a significant impact on the game while you are low level. Fall Damage is also impacted by equip weight, meaning you will take the least amount of fall damage if you are naked. Luckily there is a Ring, a Spell and various clothing that will lessen the amount of fall damage taken. Falling from a deadly height (determined by dropping a prism stone) will still kill you regardless of HP and equipment.

In comparison, Demon's Souls and Dark Souls 1 had a dynamic fall damage model, where fall damage was a percentage of your current full HP, even if your current full HP was halved from being cursed or wearing rings that affected it.


  • Fall damage increases with equipment load.
  • Armor does not mitigate fall damage.
  • With no armor or weapons equipped and only the Silvercat ring, the fall into the pit in Majula will cost about 800 HP.
  • With the jesters tights this can be reduced to 500. Each piece of the Lion Warrior Set reduces damage by another 130.(tested with Cloak and Cuffs.)
  • Fall damage may increase with forward velocity (Needs verification).



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    • Rare drop from Lion Warriors in Shaded Woods. And I believe the only non purchased fall damage reduction gear. 2 pieces (cuffs and skirt) were enough to get down the hole in Majula with a level 28 character.

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