Fire Arrow


"Arrows imbued with fire.
Tipped with Charcoal Pine Resin.

Weapons fortified with fire are effective against
against foes vulnerable to magic and fire, such as Undead or beasts.

Useful in the short term for those who have learned no magic, or whose magic is exhausted."

Note: "against" is repeated in the game. It is not a typo.

 Fire Arrow is a type of Ammunition in Dark Souls 2




  • Ammunition for Bows



  • Weaponsmith Ornifex carries an unlimited supply for 60 souls each (After beating a certain boss).
  • 10 are found on a corpse near the elevator to the Last Giant bossfight in the Forest of Fallen Giants.
  • 20 in the Iron Keep (Threshold Bridge) on a corpse behind the illusory wall



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