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Three old Firekeepers rest in a hut in Things Betwixt. They are Strowen, Morrel and Griant.



First Encounter

"Heh heh heh… What seems to be the ruckus?
Ooh, my! Your face.
The face of the curse.
It's an Undead.
An Undead has come to play. Heh heh…
They all end up here, all the ones like you.
You spoke to that kind old dear, didn't you?
Heh heh…
You're finished.
You'll go Hollow.
Yes, you will become one of them.
Hollows prey upon men, feast upon their souls.
This is the fate of the cursed. Heh heh heh…
What is your name?"

Upon Entering Your Name

"At least you know your own name.
Here's your reward for sharing.
It's a Human Effigy.
Take a closer look…
Who do you think it's supposed to be?
Think back, deep into your past.
Yes, it's an effigy of you."

After Creating Your Character

"All people come here for the same reason.
To break the curse.
You're no different, I should think?
Hmm… doesn't stand a chance.
Well, you never know!
Go through the door and trot along to the kingdom.
But remember, hold on to your souls.
They're all that keep you from going Hollow.
Oh, I'll fool you no longer…
You'll lose your souls…All of them. Over and over again."
*Firekeepers start laughing*

Talk To Them (First Time)

"You must go, on a journey without rest.
Well…I suppose, if you find yourself at an impasse…
But if your will is yet unbroken, then you may return here.
To start again, with a clean slate…
Hah hah hah…"

Talk To Them (Second Time)

"Now, go along, go along… Heh heh…"

Talk To Them (Third Time)

"Hah hah hah…"

Second Meeting

"Still determined as ever, I see… Heh heh…
Do you wish to start all over again?Choosing "Reallocate points" without Soul Vessel
Oh, but you don't have what's needed.
Well, that won't do at all!
Go along, then. Old hags don't bargain, dearie…Heh heh…"

Choose "Leave"

"No, of course not.
Now, go along then… Heh heh…"

Leave After Using Soul Vessel

"Now, go along.
On a journey without rest. Heh heh…"

Run Away, Break Dialogue

"Hah hah… (no caption)"

After Giving Player Effigies

"Still holding up, are you?
Go on, take these. Heh heh…"

When Attacking Firekeepers

"Tisn't easy being old…
A touch under the weather, are we? (aggroed)"

When Killed

"Hah hah hah… (no caption)"

Voiced by: Joanna Wake


Locations Events
Things Betwixt  


Items Souls
Human Effigy x 6 (Strowen)  

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