Flame Lizard (Flame Salamander) is an enemy in Dark Souls 2.


Flame Lizards are enemies in Dark Souls II. They are first encountered in a tunnel found by jumping off a ledge near Cardinal Tower bonfire.
  • Fire Salamanders are lizard-like in appearance, and possess the frog-like ability to engorge their vocal sacs with hot air from their lungs
  • Fire Salamanders are impervious to fire, have high HP, and move swiftly. They deal great damage by spewing fireballs, tongue lashing, and thrashing
  • Fire salamanders' physical attacks consume great amounts of stamina to block, and some may outright crush players even with their shields up
  • Poison is recommended to whittle down Salamander HP, and their tongue lashes are relatively easy to dodge by rolling.

They can be seen again in Memory of the Old Iron King as regular enemies and Iron Passage as statues.

Location Note: see Forest of Fallen Giants, Flame Lizard Pit for details on this tricky-to-access area.

NG: 3,325
NG+: 5,678
NG+7: 11,100
Impervious to fire
Location: Forest of Fallen Giants, Memory of the Old Iron King
NG: yes

Move set
  • Head Butt: Can do this multiple times in a row; try dodging
    • Physical Damage
    • Cannot be blocked
  • Body Sweep: Similar to head butt, but happens when you're next to it, trying to strafe.
    • Physical Damage
    • Cannot be blocked
  • Lunge: lunges forward and can fly across the cave. The attack still has active frames even after the Salamander physically stops and loses his momentum.
    • Physical Damage
    • Cannot be blocked
  • Three Fire Ball
    • Fire Damage
    • Can be blocked
  • Tongue Sweep
    • Physical Damage
    • Can be blocked
  • Tongue Stab Ball
    • Physical Damage
    • Can be blocked


Strategy tips

  • General: The two in the pit under Cardinal Tower bonfire can be sniped. They are high hp, so it can take a while. For the ones in the lair, try luring them back to the lair entry-way. At some point, they'll start to back off, and you can get good hits in. Rinse and repeat for easy Soul Farming. Contains a weak spot on their underside just above what would be their collarbone. When hit, it pretty much doubles the damage it takes.
  • Ranged: Can be defeated with ease at range using arrows, first from the ladder at cardinal bonfire, second from the fire tunnel, just open the door beside the chest with fire longsword, move back to near the start of the tunnel and use box, his fire attack will hit the door, the third is at the door beside the last giant boss fight stay by the door and use arrows, the last is by the hill out of the fire cave, a spot can be found where he cannot hit you with fire but you can hit him with arrows.
  • Casters: It is possible kill the salamander in Forest of the Fallen Giants with sorceries and the binoculars, 30 - 20 hits of Soul Arrow is more than 1000 HP.
  • Iron Key & Flame Salamanders Strategy

Other Tips

  • The first salamander can be killed very early in the game, respawning 12 times, and makes for big cash early on. Slide down the ladder from the bonfire and cast any soul arrow at the salamander in the pit below. Locking on works regardless of the distance here. Finish with a few throwing knives or arrows if you didn't kill him with casts.
  • The second salamander cant be locked onto and fired on safely with casts due to the step forward casting takes, and it wastes alot of your reward to use arrows here, so wait til you can make the jump to the pile of rubbish by the big opening to the outside, with falling gear or high hp, before taking on this second one. Walk up above his hole and cast at range.
  • The third salamander inside the pit below can be safely lured to the low-hanging rock on the right side of the top of the tunnel leading down by kiting them as you walk under the overhang, keep kiting them under the overhang and they wont be able to walk past it, making for an easy kill. Also a great way to learn how kiting works early on in the game
  • The fourth salamander can be kited same as the 3rd above, or drawn to the locked door requiring the Iron key and killed safely from the narrow passage leading down to the door, which is too narrow for his head
  • If a plunge attack hits the top of a Flame Lizards head with certain weapons, it will activate a unique critical attack animation.

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