Forbidden Sun

forbidden sun
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Long Range

Forbidden Sun is a Pyromancy in Dark Souls 2. To cast a Pyromancy, you must use a Flame or Special Weapons that can cast Pyromancy.



"Pyromancy developed in Aldian rites.
Fires a giant fireball with a widely encompassing explosion.

What could possibly justify such excessive destructive power? In all likelihood, the madmen of Aldia never even questioned the need."

Acquired From

  • Royal Sorcerer Navlaan
    You must speak to him while he is trapped behind the barrier and while you are hollowed. Anything else will result in him telling you to leave him alone.
    Burning a Bonfire Ascetic will not reset Royal sorcerer Navlaan's state if you talk to him under incorrect conditions.
    In order to get Forbidden Sun, you must accept the assassination mission to kill Felkin the Outcast and obtain his Sunset Staff.
    However, you do not actually need to kill Felkin. Instead, if you talk to Felkin with 20 Faith and 20 Intelligence, he will give you the
    Hexer Set and a Sunset Staff. So long as the staff is in your inventory, Navlaan will think you killed Felkin, and he will give you the spell.
    Or, alternatively, you can get the staff from the mimic that is to the left of the first bonfire in Aldia's Keep.
    Note: The mimic does not drop the staff in Scholar of the First Sin.



  • At 42 ATN or lower you only get one cast. At 43 ATN a second cast is added, and a third is added at 94 ATN.
    If you pull the lever you will NOT get this from Royal Sorcerer Navlaan.
  • Damage can be increased with Penal Handcuffs.
  • This spell has one of the best cast time to damage ratios. This makes it perfect for punishing people attempting to heal mid-fight in PvP.
  • Tip: It's recommended to wear the Hexxer's Hood (better than saint's as pyro scales with int and faith, but saints only boosts faith) so you have 3 casts without needing 94 ATN.


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