Gaolers are enemies in Dark Souls II. They are first encountered on a wooden watchtower beyond the Exile Holding Cells bonfire.

The Undead Jailers of the Lost Bastille carry primitive weapons intended to instill fear and can even use pyromancy to burn escapees, and intruders, to a crisp. The Jailers are wrapped in bandages. What lies beneath? Have they been burned by their own flames, or are they hiding a darker secret?

  • Gaolers are prison wardens of the Lost Bastille. They wield great, brutish machetes to evoke fear in prisoners who dare to escape
  • Gaolers have adequate amounts of HP, move fairly quickly, and deal significant damage. Their polearms give their attacks great range
  • Gaolers tend to poke players at long range, sweep at close range, and attempt to grab and chase players at close to medium range
  • Gaolers have great reach with their weapons, but their attacks and turning speed are sluggish. They can also be staggered by consecutive attacks

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