Garrison Ward Key


Opens the Garrison Ward of Eleum Loyce.
The Garrison Ward was built to confine the Chaos, and Eleum Knights remain there today, waiting for someone to lead the advance on the swollen flame faithful to the King's final orders.

 Garrison Ward Key is a Key item in Dark Souls 2.




  • Opens the locked gate in Frozen Eleum Loyce, unlocking access to the Frigid Outskirts and the Expulsion Chamber bonfire.
  • To find the gate, start at the Abandoned Dwelling bonfire. Work your way forward up the snow banks to the walls with Rampart Golems. Fight through them until you reach the bridge with the Crystal Golem. After the bridge, turn left and you will see three Hollows crouched down, a Rampart Golem with a lance, and a door behind them (that is otherwise a dead end). That's the door to the Expulsion Chamber.



  • The player must defeat Aava, the King's Pet and speak to Alsanna, Silent Oracle (to calm the winds blowing through Frozen Eleum Loyce) before heading to the Outer Wall bonfire.
  • From the Outer Wall bonfire, make sure you light a torch or have Flame Butterflies. Go in the main gates, then turn right. Follow the path around to a small room, down the stairs, across a short bridge, and down stairs that curve to the right. Keep going straight, then take the right between some buildings and up a slight snow bank to a courtyard with several Crystal Golems around a frozen fountain. Pass under the arch on the far side, then go around the snow bank and take a hard left up a small flight of stairs. At the top, double back and go through the doorway to the right. Go up the stairs, then around/through a room full of boxes and enemies to the door on the far side. Go straight, up a small flight of stairs, then keep going straight ahead to the right of a tall snow bank and go behind it. The calmed snowstorm has revealed a curving, narrow passage through the snow bank. At the end, use your Torch (or Flame Butterfly) to light all four sconces. A door will open revealing two Flexile Sentry's and other enemies that guard the corpse holding this key.
  • Video of Location


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    • Anonymous

      There is actually a much shorter route if the player has already unlocked the Lower Garrison bonfire. From lower garrison, simply head back up the lift that originally brought you down and go into the building with the boxes, same as described above after that. Will save you like 10-15 minutes not having to redo it from the start.

      Without Lower Garrison, you can also go from Abandoned Dwelling bonfire. Go out, run past everything until the stairs, atshich point there's a little groove in the snowbank you can follow (where the ring of the embedded is) that leads to the frozen fountain courtyard.

      • Anonymous

        You must light the four sconces to open the stone door. The door is located just before the drop down to the Abandoned Dwelling bonfire, down a snowy path. Inside are two Flexile Sentries and about 8 Whitehooded enemies with daggers. Bait all of the whitehoods and kill them first. Then bait the hidden flexile sentry hidden on your right. After taking the first Flexile Sentry follow the righthand path up to the top of the seats and cheese ylthe second flexile sentry at the end of the room. Note a hidden wall upon first entering this room on your immediate left.

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