Garrison Ward Key


Opens the Garrison Ward of Eleum Loyce.
The Garrison Ward was built to confine the Chaos, and Eleum Knights remain there today, waiting for someone to lead the advance on the swollen flame faithful to the King's final orders.

 Garrison Ward Key is a Key item in Dark Souls 2.







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    • Anonymous

      23 May 2019 19:41  

      You must light the four sconces to open the stone door. The door is located just before the drop down to the Abandoned Dwelling bonfire, down a snowy path. Inside are two Flexile Sentries and about 8 Whitehooded enemies with daggers. Bait all of the whitehoods and kill them first. Then bait the hidden flexile sentry hidden on your right. After taking the first Flexile Sentry follow the righthand path up to the top of the seats and cheese ylthe second flexile sentry at the end of the room. Note a hidden wall upon first entering this room on your immediate left.

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