Rotten Vermin (Corrosive Ant Queen) is an enemy in Dark Souls 2.

Description edit
"A queen of the species of giant corrosive ants native to Jugo. Only one exists in Drangleic; its presence in The Gutter seems to suggest that it began its life in the laboratory of Lord Aldia's mansion and eventually outlived its usefullness"

This massive insect queen doesn't do much but stand inside the cave, with no attacks to speak of. Her corrosive gas can heal poison, but at the cost of depleting your equipment durability. She is guarded by hostile poison ticks.

The insect is probably related to the creation of Poison Brumer throughout Earthen Peak, Shrine of Amana and the large prototype in Aldia's Keep, they're to release corrosive or poison gas, while Lord Aldia deployed them in Amana to fend off intruders, Queen Mytha modified the brumers by placing the brumers into poisonous area in order to feed her dying wish for beauty.

Strategy tips

  • Kill her from distance with bow or magic, or use her as advantage for curing poison. She does not fight back. The trio of Poison Horn Beetles stop respawning when this enemy is slain.

NG: 3,000
NG+: ?
NG+7: 10,600
Thrust Attacks
Location: The Gutter
NG: yes
Move set
  • Expel Mist: Cures poison while corroding gear .

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    • Anonymous

      It almost looks like an Antlion. Imagine if those quicksands in Tseldora sucks you into this monster's area and it bites hard. Creepy.

      • Anonymous

        There are 2 pages for this creature in Fextralife: 1 is GiAnt Ant (this page) 2 is Rotten Vermin Dont know why. Just saying.

        • Anonymous

          It reacts like an npc when hit so I wasted tons of hours thinking there's a way to communicate with it. Doh.

          • Anonymous

            Explanation to this:

            Just in front of the cage where you find this insect, is a fog gate... The fog gate leads to just another area of the gutter.

            What I think is that, the fog gate was planned to be a boss fog gate, and the boss would've been this giant insect (or something else). But the monster is incomplete so they didn't make it a boss. (it doesn't respond to attacks until it's dead)

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