Grimm's Pure Faith Cleric build

Starting Class - Cleric, Soul Level 120

Weapon: Lightning Mace +10, Lightning Dragon Chime +5,

Armor: +10 Insolent armor set (grants additional 2 faith bonus and mobility due to being a lighter armor with good defense)

Rings: Third Dragon Ring, Cloranthy Ring +2, Ring Of Prayer, Southern Ritual Band +2

Miracles: 1x Sacred Oath, 2x Sunlight Blade, Wrath Of The Gods, Great Sunlight Spear


Vigor - 40

End - 20

Vit - 8

Att - 30

Strength - 12

Dex - 5

Adp - 4

Int - 4

Faith - 50

Note: You'll have full mobility, modest armor defense, 57 faith and premium faith scaling in casting with 7 total slots with enough health. Minor alterations in dropping vigor to 30 and using 10 of those points towards end, or distributing them amongst adp and vit, will make you a powerful PVP tank with full mobility who happens to be a miracle wrecking machine.

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