Guardian's Seal is a covenant ring in Dark Souls 2.
guardians_seal.png "Ring of the Blue Sentinel covenant.

Join this covenant and wear this ring
to be automatically summoned
to the worlds of blue apostles
who have been invaded by dark spirits.

The ring is engraved with the crest of the
Way of Blue, symbolizing the dignified oath to
protect each world's master from dark spirits."


  • Automatically summons you to other worlds
  • Durability: 120
  • Weight: 0.2


The Guardian's Seal is given to the player upon joining the Blue Sentinels covenant in the Cathedral of Blue, after you defeat the Old Dragonslayer Boss.
To join the covenant (and thus obtain the ring) you will have to speak to Blue Sentinel Targray while having a Token of Fidelity (which is obtained by assisting another player defeating an Area Boss as a Phantom or found on a corpse in Huntsman's Copse near the 2nd bonfire).


  • The pulsing icon is thought to be similar to the other seal, next to your HP and stamina Bar. When flashing, you are in the area where you can be summoned to assist a Blue Apostle.
  • To make the icon pulse you need to be human.
  • The activity of the summoning can vary and you will be summoned to anywhere in the world... The ring appears to try and focus on the current area that you are wearing it, however. (Quite active at around 6,000,000 Soul Memory.)
  • This is the only way to gain souls via PvP as a Blue Sentinel.

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