Heavy Bolt


Standard crossbow bolts made of iron.
Effective at piercing enemies.

Very effective in ranged attacks,
though somewhat expensive to use willy-nilly.

Heavy Bolt is a type of Ammunition in Dark Souls 2




  • Crossbow ammunition
  • Heavy Bolts can be used to destroy hazardous pots from a safe distance



  • Lost Bastille. Blacksmith McDuff sells the bolts for 50 each. ∞ supply.




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    • Anonymous

      Do you guys even read this if so 50 heavy bolts off the first black smith is bull*****its retarded and has already *****ed over hundreds of players LOWERING YOUR FAN BASE I can put up with ur broken hit boxes I can put up with ur convoluted leveling system I am not about to put up with having to wait half the damn game to get infinant heavy bolts plenty of ppl would love to play a crossbow swordsmen how ever having to wait till the last Bastille to find a HIDDEN blacksmith is bull*****come on be realistic many ppl had to restart now I'm question whether this will even post or not or if u will read this or if u would fix this on the ps3

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