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Heide's Tower of Flame Map

heides tower of flame


NPCs in the Heide's Tower of Flame

Licia of Lindeldt 





New Game+ Enemies

  • Black Phantoms


  • Once the Dragonrider is slain, the Heide Knight's in the area will no longer sit around, and will patrol areas near their original resting place.  They have incredibly long aggro ranges, and you should be able to pull them into clearings without also getting the Old Knight's.
  • Very common area for invasions. 
  • Most enemies can be sprinted past easily, save for the two on either side of the fog.

Heide's Tower of Flame Walkthrough

Accessing from Majula

To the left of the cliff where the Victor’s Stone is, there is a large stone archway, with a staircase going down a tunnel. Coming to a circular room, there is a pillar in the center with a symbol on it. Examining it mentions that the the contraption does not move. Licia of Lindeldt is able to later open a path to Huntsman's Copse after encountering her in Heide's Tower of Flame.

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Going to the right down the hallways to a spiral staircase, on the left there is a chest with Crimson Parma. Continuing down the stairs takes you to a room which will bring you to a pull chain on the ledge on the left, which raises the big door below. Going through the door leads to a waterway, and up the stairs is another pull chain to open the door should you wish to go back and further on a corpse with Soul of a Lost Undead and Broken Thief Sword. Going down the hallway takes you to the entrance of Heide’s Tower of Flame.

Abundance of Old Knights

As you enter through the waterway from Majula, you are greeted with a beautiful vista of the flooded towers and sprawling walkways. On your left, as soon as you exit, is a Heide Knight sitting. He won't aggro until you kill the boss of the area. Straight ahead is a round platform with a Old Knight wielding a large greatsword, but you may find a staircase to the right which leads down to a bonfire, just before him. Going straight up the stairs you encounter a mace wielding Old Knight. Behind, draped along the railing is a corpse with a Soul of a Nameless Soldier and a Human Effigy. There is also a Heide Knight resting in the area, which as mentioned earlier, won't engage you unless you engage it first or after you kill the Dragonrider.

ds2 ht4intro

Proceeding upstairs bring you through an archway another platform with an Old Knight who wields a greatsword and shield. After killing him, approach the contraption in the ground raising a post with a lever. Pulling the lever raises the outer ring of the platform on the tower directly across from the lever. Laying in front of one of the columns of the arch is a corpse with a Lloyd’s Talisman. Going left from the lever leads across a long walkway and into a tower where three Old Knights wait.

This can be a fairly difficult fight early in the game, and it's advisable to lure the middle Old Knight wielding a greatsword out onto the walkway first. The other two Old Knights are happy to wait for you to dispatch the first one, but will both try to rush you together once their comrade is dead. A good way to deal with this encounter in melee is to get close enough to provoke both into attacking at the same time. These Old Knights almost always use the same three-slash attack pattern, and dodging around both of them while they do this will give you some openings. Alternatively, if you can manage to lure them onto a ledge then knock them down, it would make for an easier confrontation. After dealing with these three nuisances. a lever pop out the ground on the right of the entrance in this tower. You can proceed down either side of the tower.

ds2 ht3okt

To the Dragonslayer

Going to the left brings you to an encounter with another Old Knight and an always hostile Heide Knight. (In NG+. 3 Black Phantoms wielding a Halberd guard the way, once killed, each of them drop a Cracked Blue Eye Orb and a Token of Fidelity). On the left, you'll find a broken dead-end staircase that leads down close to the water. At the bottom of these stairs you'll find a corpse with a Divine Blessing. Straight ahead of where you entered, a stairway up to another level and another Heide Knight await. A shade summon-sign for Devotee Scarlett can be found on the right before the stairway, but only if you have summoned her before at Earthen Peak After passing a railing-less platform, you will encounter the Dragon. The easiest way to kill it is using a bow from the lower area, although you can guess that this may be very tedious and may take a while.

ds2 ht4dragon

Once defeated, it will drop a Petrified Dragon Bone and a Watchdragon Parma. On the platform where the dragon was is another contraption which raises when you approach. Pulling the lever lowers the bridge allowing the player access to the Cathedral of Blue and face off against the Old Dragonslayer.

To the Dragonrider

Going to the right leads to a walkway with a Heide Knight sitting against the railing, and a staircase down to another platform and an Old Knight. (In NG+. a Black Phantom with a Chariot Lance appears on the platform, it drops a Token of Spite when killed). On this lower platform, you'll find a Heide Knight resting on a chest containing the Ring of Binding, and the mist straight ahead. Going through the mist will take you to the fight with Dragonrider Boss. If you are in human form you can summon an NPC phantom named Masterless Glencour; there is an NPC summon sign outside and to the right of the boss mist.

ds2 ht4boss

BOSS FIGHT: Dragonrider

A few notable things about this boss fight:

  • He wields a halberd and greatshield.
  • He is not particularly fast and becomes a timing pattern easily dispatched.
  • Circling around to his back will keep you safe from his sweep attacks and leaves him open for attack.
  • He can be staggered after several hits.
  • He can also be attacked via bow if you aim at him from where the first lever appears. Once you have gotten him to almost zero health he will turn around and face you with his shield. Once he does this all it is is a matter of getting to him. He should die with just one hit.

To No Man's Wharf

After killing boss, proceed through the doorway and up the stairs. You come to a platform inside the tower with a bonfire. Nearby is the merchant NPC Licia of Lindeldt who sells miracles. After you exhaust her dialogue, she will move to Majula, in the room with the mysterious contraption, and can open the path to Huntsman's Copse. She will also give you the Saint's Set and the Idol's Charm, if your  faith is up to level 30.

You can kill her however, and when you leave and reload, you''ll find the Idol's Chime and Rotunda Lockstone in her place.

ds2 ht4licia

From the tower, exit straight onto a walkway and into another tower with a spiral staircase. Descend down and hidden behind the staircase is a corpse with a Monastery Charm. Go through the doorway and down the hall.

On your right the hallway opens up and you meet an Old Knight  guarding a doorway. Kill the Old Knight and continue straight to the end of the hall where you find a corpse hanging over the railing with a Human Effigy and a Dark Troche. Close by are two corpses with a Soul of a Proud Knight and an Old Knight Halberd. Go back down the hall and into the doorway the Old Knight had been guarding.

Down the flights of stairs brings you to the next level down. Going left leads to a dead end where a Syan Soldier protects a metal chest that contains 1x Sublime Bone Dust. To the right is a hallway which leads to a round room with a pressure plate elevator in the center. Stand on the plate and descend to the next level down.

At the bottom, head out into the flooded corridors, passing the first small alcove to find a larger area to your left. This area holds a Basilisk and a few Hollow Infantry that rise up from the waters. There is a doorway behind these enemies that is blocked by a petrified enemy. If you unpetrify it and go up the stairs you will find a Primal Knight and a corridor. A body hang on the railing and it holds 1x Estus Flask Shard, going left leads to a dead end at an iron door. Going right to the end of the hallway brings you to an iron chest in the alcove to the right which contains the Knight Set of armor. 

ds2 ht4nomanswharf

Continue and at the end of the hallway, a knocked out hole in the wall leads to path and a bonfire. Continuing on from here will bring you to No-Man’s Wharf.


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