Holy Knight Aurheim

holy_knight_aurheim.png Holy Knight Aurheim is an invading NPC in Dark Souls 2 Crown of the Ivory King DLC.
They wear Benhart's Helm and the Drangleic Armor but does not seem to be a Knight of Drangleic. Their origin is unknown. They invade you in the area after the bonfire in the Inner Walls. Their nature of combat seems to be opposite of a Holy Knight's.
They will use Silver Talismans to imitate a part of the environment and go for a backstab if you approach the chest that they will use to bait you with, then performing a Duel Bow after and if they backstab you.


From the bonfire in the inner wall after you get the Eye of the Priestess; they will invade as you are fighting your way upwards. You will come to a narrow corridor filled with barrels with a chest at the end. DO NOT GO FOR THE CHEST YET!
Aurheim uses a Silver Talisman and will be hidden and look as one of the barrels, which positions them well for backstabbing you if you are not careful.
Bringing a 2 handed smashing weapon (I used a greatclub +10) and crushing barrels with the 2 handed heavy attack; this way when you do find them, they will be knocked down. After that it will just be a simple thing to stunlock them to death with overhead smashes.


  • Human Effigy x1
  • 1,612 Souls

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