Holy Knight Aurheim

holy_knight_aurheim.png Holy Knight Aurheim is an invading NPC in Dark Souls 2 Crown of the Ivory King DLC.
They wear Benhart's Helm and the Drangleic Armor but does not seem to be a Knight of Drangleic. Their origin is unknown. They invade you in the area after the bonfire in the Inner Walls. Their nature of combat seems to be opposite of a Holy Knight's.
They will use Silver Talismans to imitate a part of the environment and go for a backstab if you approach the chest that they will use to bait you with, then performing a Duel Bow after and if they backstab you.


From the bonfire in the inner wall after you get the Eye of the Priestess; they will invade as you are fighting your way upwards. You will come to a narrow corridor filled with barrels with a chest at the end. DO NOT GO FOR THE CHEST YET!
Aurheim uses a Silver Talisman and will be hidden and look as one of the barrels, which positions them well for backstabbing you if you are not careful.
Bringing a 2 handed smashing weapon (I used a greatclub +10) and crushing barrels with the 2 handed heavy attack; this way when you do find them, they will be knocked down. After that it will just be a simple thing to stunlock them to death with overhead smashes.


  • Human Effigy x1
  • 1,612 Souls

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    • 11 Feb 2021 23:30  

      I laughed my head off when I got backstabbed. It has got to be one of the ingenious and devious things ever put in a souls game. We had a good fight, and the fact that the chest he was defending had silver talismans in it was even better.
      DS2 took some amazing creative liberties that unfortunately were never seen again (like power stancing)

      • Anonymous

        29 Jul 2020 05:25  

        Getting backstabbed by this dude who was cosplaying as a barrel while opening the chest is just the kind of **** that keeps me from enjoying DS2 like I did 1 and 3. Sure, the game should be difficult, but sadly it often also feels exaggerated, cheap and tedious.

        • Anonymous

          28 Mar 2020 17:02  

          NPCs in this game have more personality and character than some actual real players, across the whole series. Cut to PvP and everyone attack you on sight immediately.

          • Anonymous

            31 Aug 2018 03:15  

            if you leave him with camouflage for too long,then he follows you with camouflage until his disguise is removed or he attacks you.

            • Anonymous

              14 Jun 2018 08:32  

              I had hard time finding this guy at first. I opened the chest and keep on finding him. Later when I went to the roof, I turned my back and saw a barrel or something behind me moving a bit. It stay still when I'm facing him and it made me laugh. Destroy him then

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