Holy Water Urn


An urn filled with crystal-clear water.
Originally intended as a soothing potion, this water scalds the skin of Undead and Hollows.

In the old capital of Mirrah, an ancient, well-protected spring produces holy water,
but the water has been difficult to acquire ever since Mirrah became embroiled in war.

Holy Water Urn is a type of projectiles in Dark Souls 2




  • Thrown like a Firebomb, it deals large amounts of damage to undead enemies. It can also deal tremendous amounts of damage to the sentinels in Heide's Tower of Flame.




PvP Notes

  • No longer does any damage to enemies that are not hollow.


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    • Anonymous

      26 Dec 2019 16:37  

      why even programm something as useless as this into the game lol. i wonder if there is a single boss or miniboss that would suffer from this item.

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