Holy Water Urn


An urn filled with crystal-clear water.
Originally intended as a soothing potion, this water scalds the skin of Undead and Hollows.

In the old capital of Mirrah, an ancient, well-protected spring produces holy water,
but the water has been difficult to acquire ever since Mirrah became embroiled in war.

Holy Water Urn is a type of projectile in Dark Souls 2




  • Thrown like a Firebomb, it deals large amounts of damage to undead enemies. It can also deal tremendous amounts of damage to the sentinels in Heide's Tower of Flame.




PvP Notes

  • No longer does any damage to enemies that are not hollow.


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    • Anonymous

      Ok, which retαrd wrote this page? "Deal tremendous damage on Sentinels on Heide's Tower of Flame". First off, Sentinels are NONEXISTANT in Heide. Second, Old Knights, Heide Knights and Cyan knight are immune to it. Mastodon I dunno. So... WHERE ARE THESE THINGS SUPPOSED TO DEAL "TREMENDOUS" DAMAGE ON? YOUR MOTHER'S ANUS???

      • Anonymous

        why even programm something as useless as this into the game lol. i wonder if there is a single boss or miniboss that would suffer from this item.

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