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A guide on Survivability by PRA1S3theS0N

Lets just get straight to the point you want to dodge faster and hit harder RIGHT? For DARK-S0UL players this is ALWAYS the dilemma they always seem to come across...Do i put points into VIT to wear those bad-ass pieces of armor, or do i invest into STR & DEX so i can hit like a truck? Questions questions, well in my case the anwser is BOTH. I have put a UNGODLY amout of time into the game and you can max out all of them so i vested most of my early points into VGR & STR. Cant go wrong with health and strength then when you feel like you can get into a fight with more than 2 enemies and come out on top you should consider putting points into ADP especially if you do not use a sheild and just dodge, putting points into this stat will increase youre roll leanght and invinceabilty frames so it is harder for the enemy to hit you..I wrote this in hopes of HELPING the NEWCOMERS, because there are ALOT of people who have already beat the game multiple times and now are getting their butts HANDED TO THEM because they just farmed and BUTTON SMASHED thru the frist half of the game and now they are encountering the brotherhood of blood who are invading you at every corner you turn! And these dudes will ALWAYS have a plan of attack.. Just remember they are in YOURE WORLD now and will have to play by youre rules, you should ALWAYS ALWAYS have a weapon that you know INSIDE & OUT and a back up weapon that you know just as well so if youre opponent gets used to youre play-style you can pull out youre other weapon and confuse the hell outta him, or better yet get a weapon that is compatible with the weapon that is carried in youre main hand and go to town on them...I played PvE so long that i am always getting invaded by reds & blues and i will usually come out on top. NOT because im better but im smarter they invaded ME, not the other way around, they are GONNA PLAY BY MY RULES and if i die they deserved to win..

Make sure you have at least 1 area clear in the stage you are in, and if invaded run back to thee spot you have previously cleared and wait for youre customer, and in my rule-book if i heal its because you failed to do YOURE JOB and keep me from HEALING, im not gonna lose all my souls cause you invaded MY GAME..MY armor of choice is TARGRAYS CHEAST, CREIGHTONS STEEL MASK, ENGRAVED GAUNTLETS, & PATES TROUSERS stright fashion souls here...Now thee bread and butter of the build lies with my weapon choices and how i have them set...My 1st weapon of choice and in my opinon thee BEST weapon in the game comes from the 2nd peice of DLC the game has put out and is called THE ASHEN WARRIOR SWORD with this sword in the right hands will carve up other PLAYERS who have foolishily decided to invade youre peaceful play-thru, the sword is fast and its two-handed attack is a thrust attack and is deadly when comboed right with its two-handed light attack, paired with the LEO-RING this weapon is a PvP players nightmare. Weapon #2 is the SILVERBLACK-SICKLE...This weapon acts like a ax and swings as slow as one too but when it hits it does a absurb amount of damage to the target and can decimate thee targets health in 2-3 hits, the damage output is unreal not infused it hits for a CRAZY HARD 580, and the best part is that you can FULLY BUFF the monster, i have hit a unlucky invader from behind and watched him just drop...Takeing all of this dudes health in one blow.

My 3rd choice is the trusty DARK SILVERBLACK-SPEAR, that hits for a ungodly 603 & when buffed is hitting numbers in the 900-1,300 mark...I pull thee spear out when youre faceing those fools who INVADED YOU and is now running thru ur world looking for the enemies in youre world to help him out, this weapon should be if you are skilled enough to finsh him off b-4 has a chance to re-coupe...And last but not least are the weapons i choose to carry in my off hand and 9-times outta 10 it is these weapons that get me out of very stickey deals and usaully surprises the HELL OUTTA my opponent because they never expect the weapon combos that i have...THEE MAJESTIC GREATSWORD held in ur left hand, if skilled is a PvP'ers worst enemy, this sword paired with another weapon is a force to be reckenoned with...And last but not least is my BLACK WITCHS STAFF to cast all my buffs and hexes if need be...The rings i use are RoB+2--FLYNNS RING-- CHLORANTHY RING+2--& the last ring slot i will switch rings depending on the situation but most of the time it is the 3rd DRAGON RING, DISPELLING RING or THE IVORY WARRIOR RING witch is a PvP-killer....The ring is a GIANT in my eyes, with every successful hit the ring takes stamian from youre foe makeing it almost impossible for youre opponent to mount a counter attack, cause he just took youre hits and when youre stamina bar is almost done the ring should have done its job, you should have gaurd-broke him and now hes open season for a crit- hit and all you were doing is hitting that sheild of his...

Another fav of mine is breaking out the whip and poisin that ass or better yet inffect him with poisin and bleed..Getting bleed and poisin to proc at around the same time is priceless, ur target runs around not knowing what to do, ur loseing life and you cant attack because they need their stamina to run away again once it gets back up, so if you are able to proc poisin & bleed they will do 1 of 2 things, either they will run and wait for the poisin to run its course, pop a herb to stop the poisin build-up, or they will get VERY AGGRESSIVE and try and end you right there, if this is the case than be very careful, they have said to themselves that they have nothing to lose and that they are going to die anyways, now you have them where you want them tho, dont toy with them but pull out a huge sheild and start blocking their blows, and the blows that bounce off youre sheild are the blows that you are waiting for now you counter with a strike of youre own and so on, the mader youre opponent gets the easier youre fight should become...My advice is simple know your weapons of choice IN & OUT and learn how to dodge a judge youre enemy...2nd peice of advice is play the game pick up new weapons that you have not used, start useing them in PvE and mastering their moveset and then when you are faced with a RED or BLUE invader who is now useing the weapon that you were just fooling around with, this is where you will have a advantage now since you know the moveset of that weapon now you should be able to parry their attacks now since you know the start-up of that weapons moves now, always play head games with youre opponents and you should have a win in no time...Hope this helps the newcomers to the DARK-SOULS COMMUNITY and hope you die less.....PRA1S3-TH33-S0N & HAVE FUN WITH ONE OF THEE BEST GAMES EVER MADE...MAKE SURE TO EXPLORE THE WORLD OF DARK SOULS FOR THERE ARE DARK CORNERS THAT ARE IN THE GAME, AND THOSE CORNERS ARE WHERE SOME OF THE BEST LOOT IS IN THE GAME SO HAVE FUN AND LEARN THE WEAPONS FOR THERE ARE HUNDREDS OF THEM...I WILL INVADE YOU

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