Illusory walls are Secrets in Dark Souls 2. They are secret passages that open when you interact with it by pressing A on the XBox 360 or X on the PS3 (Shift + Left Click on PC) next to them. Striking illusory walls will not open them, as players could do in Demon's Souls and Dark Souls 1. Other secrets found in Dark Souls 2 include Pharros' LockstonesCrystal Lizards and Traps that can be encountered as you progress through the game. This page focuses on the illusory walls that can be encountered throughout the different Dark Souls 2 Locations. Below is a list of all illusory and destructible walls in the game, how they can be found or revealed, and what they reveal or unlock. 

DS2 Illusory Walls Notes and Tips

  • For hidden walls revealed by placing Lockstones, see Pharros' Lockstone for details
  • If a player message prevents you from opening an illusory wall, rapidly tap A/X and the wall should open after closing the message dialogue
  • During co-op or invasion, only the world master can open illusory walls. Phantoms can only gesture at a wall for the world master

Other Dark Souls 2 Secrets

  • Pharros' Lockstones: Items that interact with Key Mouth contraptions to reveal secrets and trigger effects
  • Crystal Lizards: These are enemies that will run away and disappear as you come near, but if you manage to kill them will yield precious ore
  • Rare Items:  Weapons and armor that are harder to come by and rare enemy drops.
  • Traps: Locate each trap and their tricks and counters.


Dark Souls 2 Illusory Wall Locations Guide

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Location Location Description Description Unlocks
Forest of Fallen Giants Cardinal Tower Bonfire Head through the self-closing metal gate near Mild Mannered Pate. Inside the building with the long stairway, the wall will be to the right (facing up the stairs) at the bottom of the stairs.
Forest of Fallen Giants Cardinal Tower Bonfire Detonate the explosive kegs by the firebomb-tossing hollow on the ledge corner, near the platform where the Pursuer can be first encountered.
  • Opens Cardinal Tower Bonfire Shortcut
No-Man's Wharf Unseen Path to Heide Bonfire Inside the house with the shortcut door. Bottom floor, beneath the staircase.
No-Man's Wharf Unseen Path to Heide Bonfire Inside the poison cask filled house. In a corner near the casks is a wall breakable by attacking.
  • Note: Crystal lizard is inside the room beyond the wall.
Lost Bastille Lost Bastille: McDuff's workshop Bonfire
(In Ruin Sentinels room)
Boss chamber on the wall facing the entrance point on the wall next to the corner second section
Lost Bastille Lost Bastille: McDuff's workshop Bonfire
(In Ruin Sentinels room)
Boss chamber on the wall facing the entrance point on the wall next to the third
  • A second illusory wall
Lost Bastille Lost Bastille: McDuff's workshop Bonfire
(In Ruin Sentinels room) 
Boss chamber on the wall facing the entrance point second section
Lost Bastille  Lost Bastille: McDuff's workshop Bonfire
(In Ruin Sentinels room)
Boss chamber on the wall facing the staircase first floor. Ladder leading to behind the fifth hidden door also a one at next to ladder to 2nd floor.
Lost Bastille  Lost Bastille: McDuff's workshop Bonfire
(In Ruin Sentinels room)
On the wall up the stairs leading to the second floor on second floor as you're going through the doorway toward the stairs down you're looking right at it
Lost Bastille  Lost Bastille: McDuff's workshop Bonfire
(In Ruin Sentinels room)
Boss chamber on the wall facing the staircase second floor on a stray balcony
  • Empty
 Lost Bastille McDuff's workshop Bonfire
- Area behind the breakable boarded up door in the first courtyard, accessed with the Antiquated Key
Near the back of the dark room with the Pharros Lockstone contraption by the entrance
This path allows bypassing of the Ruin Sentinels boss fight
  • Secret elevator cages
 Lost Bastille McDuff's workshop Bonfire
- Area behind the breakable boarded up door in the first courtyard, accessed with the Antiquated Key
Within the room filled with Royal Swordsmen and explosive kegs, right after the encounter with the undead dogs in the alley. Blow up the kegs next to the wall to reveal an opening.
 Lost Bastille  Servants' Quarters Bonfire Room with iron grating in front of cage elevator and lots of pots. There's a small offshoot room with nothing else in it, at the back wall is a hidden door which leads to a diagonal passageway with another hidden door on the left. After jumping across to get stuff on the corpse carefully move along the wall on the narrow ledge to reach the last item.
(This hidden area can also be reached by jumping down from the Sinners' Rise bonfire and landing on the bridge parapet, then walk along it and drop down to the walkway below.)
Sinners' Rise The Saltfort Bonfire
- Basement elevator exit
Descend the wooden platform lift, then head to the first alcove on the right. Check the wall facing the alcove entrance.
Huntsman's Copse Bridge Approach Bonfire Fall down the cliff near the bonfire onto a grassy ledge and enter the cave. Along the cave walls will be mushrooms you can use to descend to the bottom floor. You will find a treasure chest there, and the wall will be in a corner opposite the chest.

Alternatively, start from the Undead Refuge Bonfire and drop down from the first cave walkway. The mushrooms mentioned above will be on the right before the cave exit.

The illusory wall can only be opened on the way back out of the cave.
Harvest Valley The Mines Bonfire Along a path with planks on the ground is a wall made of boards. Behind it is a Dark Magic Giant. Approach the wall and he will destroy it. Behind him is another wall of boards; lure him close enough to it to destroy it.
Earthen Peak  Central Earthen Peak Bonfire The wall to the right behind three small poison jars, after coming up the ladder, in the narrow hallway that leads up to the sorceress room before the boss.
Earthen Peak  Central Earthen Peak Bonfire Along section above the boss door to the left as you exit
Earthen Peak  Central Earthen Peak Bonfire Along section above boss door to the right as you exit
  • Upper Earthen Peak Bonfire
Iron Keep  Threshold Bridge Bonfire In the room to the right of the flaming bull head at top of stairs on the right hand wall.
Iron Keep Belfry Sol Approach Bonfire Go through the Belfry Sol area. Once back inside the keep, instead of jumping down to where the bonfire is, check the walls on the right to find a room with two chests.
Brightstone Cove Tseldora  Chapel Threshold Bonfire In the Prowling Magus boss entrance room. The wall will be to the left of the entrance.
Drangleic Castle King's Gate Bonfire After the first bonfire, in the room with the 5 ruin sentinels, last door on the left. there is a breakable floor you can fall through.
Drangleic Castle King's Gate Bonfire Head to the tower with the two kneeling knight statues, right before the encounter with the queen. There will be a ladder leading to a lower level. Head down the ladder, and the illusory wall will be along the wall around the right corner of the ladder.
  • Forgotten Chamber Bonfire
Undead Crypt Undead Ditch Bonfire Past the rooms with the spawning hollows and graves. Head up the stairs near the Lydia Witch on the ledge and check the wall on the room's right side.
Undead Crypt Undead Ditch Bonfire After falling through the hole near the skeleton, there will be 4 hallways. Head to the hallway with a distinct gray stripe on the floor. Face towards the room with the graves and the wall will be along your left.
Aldia's Keep Foregarden Bonfire Along the middle of the wall of the staircase leading to the corrosive acid room with the iron grating
  • Ritual Site Bonfire
Aldia's Keep  Ritual Site Bonfire In the long hallway with numerous cages hanging from the ceiling. A shorter hallway branches from it near the middle, leading to a chained up door. Lure an Ogre to attack the door and he will break through it.
Memory of Orro (Forest of Fallen Giants) Cardinal Tower Bonfire
Giant tree by the bird nest after the Pursuer boss fight.
(Ashen Mist Heart required)
Wall next to the second Pharros contraption, at the back wall of the second floor with guards.
Shulva - Sanctum City Dragon's Sanctum
(Path with many drops on the way to Elana, Squalid Queen)
Drop down from a broken set of stairs where you encounter a Black Drakeblood Knight. The hidden wall can be found at the left side wall in the corridor before another set of stairs.
  • Sanctum Interior Bonfire
Brume Tower Throne Floor Bonfire In the snowy outdoor area after the 2nd Ashen Idol near a ledge with a corpse on it. The outlines of the door are clearly visible so this shouldn't be hard to miss.
Brume Tower Foyer Bonfire After activating the elevators, take the elevator going up and then take another elevator, mash the interact button as the elevator is going up until you hear the sound of a wall opening.



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      Man, I've been hitting walls all the time to no avail just to realize in earthen peak that you need to press A on xbox controller...
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        I hate it when people put the message "liar ahead" like there is an illusory wall there, but you check anyways because you want to be sure there isn't.

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              Brightstone Cove Tseldora: Chapel Threshold Bonfire - Wrong Reward
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              The reward is wrong, you don't get theEstus Flask Shard, but the Priestess set.
              (Tested in Scholar of the First Sin)

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                I knew i was missing something. Kept hitting walls and thinking everybody was lying about the existence every secret passages.

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                  There are two illusory walls in Frozen Eleum Loyce. The first is located before the Abandoned Dwelling bonfire at a path with four unlit sconce. Once they are lit, a door opens, and the first illusory door is located on the left side of the room (it's very visible as the illusory wall has an outline). The second illusory wall is located at the Inner Wall section, right before the gate to the Eleum Knight room. Looking toward the Knight's throne, if you take a left you will find yourself at an empty corridor, but at the end of it is the illusory wall that leads to more monsters a few treasures.

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                      Just put your console into rest mode, kicking you offline, open the illusory wall, then quit game, reconnect, and be ready in no time.

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                        You mentioned every other breakable wall I know but didn't mention the breakable floor in the last room on the left in the room with all the stone guardians and sentries that lead to the dark covenant.

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