Insolent Spirit (Insolent Dark Spirit)

Updated Apr 7, 2016 6:02 am
Enemies >> Undead Crypt


Variant one

Location NG? Health Souls Weak to Resistant to Respawns?
Undead Crypt NG 1500 2000 N/A N/A No
Attack Damage type Status effect Parriable? Blockable? Notes
One-handed attack Lightning/Dark None Yes Yes Standard attack
Miracles/Hexes Lightning/Dark None No Yes Spells
Drops Frequency
Drop 1 Insolent Set Unknown
Drop 2 Shield of the Insolent Unknown
Drop 3 Twinkling Titanite Unknown            
Drop 4 Bonfire Ascetic Unknown            
Drop 5 Skeptic Spice Unknown            
Drop 6 Simpleton Spice Unknown            
Drop 7 Fragrant Branch of Yore Unknown            
Strategy tips
Type of character Tip
General Avoid Miracles and Hexes
Casters Dodge spells

    • Anonymous

      29 Dec 2017 02:24  

      Does anyone have an extra chest piece and gauntlets? I can trade drakekeeper armor pieces, on ps4 btw add me PsychoDude25

      • Anonymous

        Drops from the insolent29 Aug 2016 11:01  

        One dark insolent spirit just dropped a fragant branch, the item used for removed petrify on npcs, maybe is a rare drop, im using coveteus snake and the shield with extra drop rate.

        • Anonymous

          i dont get it (sotfs)29 Aug 2016 11:01  

          it stands that one of the guys drop the insolent set but i only get the chestpiece where i the rest of the set??

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