Insolent Spirit (Insolent Dark Spirit)

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Description (Spawn-Information from the Dark Souls fandom page, since the info here was outdated)

Found in several areas within the Undead Crypt after lighting a certain hidden brazier. From the Undead Ditch bonfire, make way to the shortcut bridge that lies along the path toward Velstadt's room. Drop to a platform barely visible below (Silvercat Ring recommended) and light the brazier found there. A whole party of Insolents will then spawn throughout several rooms within the whole stage.

  • A total of eleven Insolents will appear:

    1. Right behind the brazier used to summon them. Intended to take the player by surprise from behind.
    2. Up the ladder in the first graveyard which leads to a Leydia Witch guarding the second one.
    3. In the next room after the second graveyard.
    4. Inside a hidden room with a metal chest. From the main hall, enter the third graveyard and interact with the left wall to reveal a Pharros' Contraption. Activate it and another wall will open directly on the opposite side. The Insolent can be found hidden inside.
    5. In the main hall, right outside the first graveyard and to the right.
    6. In the lower level right after exiting Agdayne's lair. Can be lured to the upper floors with ranged attacks.
    7. Near the entrance to the hall that leads to Velstadt's room.
    8. In the hall that leads to Velstadt's room, hidden behind the series of mausoleums on the left.
    9. Near the far end of the room with two  Leydia Witches and several Undead Laborer.
    10. Near the entrance of the same room mentioned above. Has a guaranteed drop of a Fragrant Branch of Yore.
    11. In the first room when coming from the Undead Crypt Entrance bonfire.

    In Scholar of the First Sin, there is another one who spawns after lighting the brazier located at the middle of the bridge in the main hall. This Insolent does not drop anything, though, and acts more as a tutorial fight.

Variant one

Location NG? Health Souls Weak to Resistant to Respawns?
Undead Crypt NG 1500 2000 N/A N/A No
Attack Damage type Status effect Parriable? Blockable? Notes
One-handed attack Lightning/Dark None Yes Yes Standard attack
Miracles/Hexes Lightning/Dark None No Yes Spells
Drops Frequency
Drop 1 Insolent Set Unknown
Drop 2 Shield of the Insolent Unknown
Drop 3 Twinkling Titanite Unknown            
Drop 4 Bonfire Ascetic Unknown            
Drop 5 Skeptic Spice Unknown            
Drop 6 Simpleton Spice Unknown            
Drop 7 Fragrant Branch of Yore Unknown            
Strategy tips
Type of character Tip
General Avoid Miracles and Hexes
Casters Dodge spells

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    • Anonymous

      Honestly... just... why? This is the most annoying farm i did in any souls game, even 50 loyce souls was more fun because at least the enemies were somewhat predictable but these guys? They just yolo cast AoE spells that one shot you and you have to run trough literal Hell every time you try farming them.

      • Anonymous

        The statues which lit up after lighting the sconce apparently represents the number of insolents left....More spirits u kill more statues' flames go off

        • Anonymous

          its absurd that non respawning enemies need to be farmed just make the set 100% drop chance because grinding to bonfire intensity 60 is just annoying especially when its on a bonfire near a boss because now u gotta clear the boss every time who thanks to intensity can kill u in one hit good job from soft outdid yourselves on this one :D

          • Anonymous

            Not sure if this is inaccurate or an outdated info but here's the locations. Additionally, they don't despawn even if you're killed so no worries. 1 near the syans in the entrance 2 in the room with the Lydia black mages 4 in the dark corridor 1 near the black mage and the treasure chest in the Ditch 1 in the room with Pharros contraption 1 in the left hallway going to vendrick

            • Anonymous

              Does anyone have an extra chest piece and gauntlets? I can trade drakekeeper armor pieces, on ps4 btw add me PsychoDude25

              • Anonymous

                One dark insolent spirit just dropped a fragant branch, the item used for removed petrify on npcs, maybe is a rare drop, im using coveteus snake and the shield with extra drop rate.

                • Anonymous

                  it stands that one of the guys drop the insolent set but i only get the chestpiece where i the rest of the set??

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