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Royal Sorcerer Navlaan is an NPC trapped in Aldia's Keep. Royal_Sorcerer_Navlaan.jpg Freeing him has dire consequences, so read this page carefully.


  • Navlaan has a split personality depending on if you are hollow when you visit him.
  • Talking to him while Human reveals different dialogue, and the potential to buy items from him. It's only possible to buy items from him after releasing him from the fog gate or after completing his quest chain. (see below)
  • If you visit while hollow you talk to an assassin that requests your help to kill others(NPCs) while he is trapped. He will require an item from each npc to complete the "assassination", but will not remove the item from your inventory. (must be imprisoned behind the fog gate in order to activate this dialogue)
  • You do not have to kill the NPC to receive the item, all can either be bought or attained by other means
  • Royal Sorcerer Navlaan can be released by going to other side of the Keep and pulling the lever. This will cause Royal Sorcerer Navlaan to invade multiple times.)
    • Using a Bonfire Ascetic will not reverse the fog or his freed state, nor will it revive him (he can easily be killed by enemies following you.
    • Releasing him will cause you to lose the chance of getting one sorcery and one pyromancy that are only obtainable by completing his assassination quest line, which is only available if you talk to him while hollow and he is imprisoned.
    • Be wary of Navlaan once he is released. He tends to spawn in a most annoying fashion, often spawning near powerful enemies. His attacks can also do decent damage to one caught off guard.
  • Once you have completed his quest line, he will sell you items only when you're hollowed, and if you talk to him he will give you the Chaos Set.
  • You can choose to complete his quest line for the rewards, then release him to enjoy him as a vendor while in human form. But he will still invade you.
  • Releasing him will cause him to invade the player at various areas.
  • Killing Navlaan just after you have released him will not add to your level of sin.
  • Killing Navlaan after releasing him prevents him from invading**

History and Theory:

A former court sorcerer, with blue skin, surrounded by conflicting rumors and great controversy, Navlaan gained infamy when he was supposedly executed along with his entire village for practicing the forbidden art of Dark magic, or precisely, the necromantic art of resurrection (see also: Darkstorm, Scraps of Life, although they both cannot resurrect anything in game, unlike the hollowed Drangleic Sorceresses), but the truth behind his disappearance is far more complicated. At first glance Navlaan appears to suffer from dissociative identity disorder and displays two diametrically opposite personalities, switching back and forth between them depending upon whether he is being addressed by a human or a Hollow. The reality behind this phenomenon, however, is not so easily explained; perhaps it would be better to draw your conclusions after meeting him yourself.

Another theory is, he seemly either despises everything related to Lord Aldia, or failed creation of Lord Aldia, as two of the four assassination targets are related to Lord Aldia, one is Felkin, who possessed the staff from Lord Aldia's realm. another one is Shanalotte, who was raised by the Ancient Dragon (The Ancient Dragon is confirmed to not be Lord Aldia in Scholar of the First Sin, but may instead be a creation of Lord Aldia). Navlaan also has a cyan skin tone and possibly crimson eyes, covered beneath the hood's eyepatches, it is believed he's a failed recreation of a Fenito, while the sucessors are the Aldia Warlocks, as Lord Aldia needs a false deity to lure more undead citizens to enhance them in order to recreate dragon, while the Fenito are the guardians of the dead, this explained why Navlaan despise Lord Aldia so much that he wants to wipe out everything related to Lord Aldia from existance.

Oddly, the manner of how he request the chosen undead to assassinate the others is similiar to Mephistopheles from Demon's Souls


While Hollow, Royal Sorcerer Navlaan will ask the player to kill several NPCs. These assassinations are effective if he remains inside the blue fog.
Navlaan asks to be shown an item to prove the death of the NPC, which does not remove the item from the inventory and may be obtained without killing the NPC.
  • The first of these is Gilligan, from which he asks the player to bring a ladder miniature, which can be purchased from Laddersmith Gilligan. This will reward the player with the Dispelling Ring.
  • The second is Cale the Cartographer, from who he asks the player bring his helm - Cale will reward the player with this after the player finishes lighting all the flames on the map in the mansion. This nets the player a Simpleton's Spice.
  • The third, Felkin the Outcast and his sceptre, the Sunset Staff, which he will grant to the player upon having 20 faith and 20 intelligence. (Can also be dropped by a mimic outside of Aldia's Keep, behind the small group of small enemies in a corner. This isn't in Scholar of the First Sin) Navlaan's reward for this is the pyromancy Forbidden Sun.
  • Navlaan's final task is to kill the Emerald Herald, and present the Aged Feather. This can be acquired by progressing regularly through the game, and will reward the player with the sorcery Unleash Magic.
  • After all tasks have been finished, Navlaan will serve as a merchant even in Hollowed form. He will also grant the player the Chaos Set.


Aldia's Keep
Trapped in a blue fog
Aldia's Keep
Invades where the cyclops breaks through the second wall (only if he was released)
Dragon Aerie
Invades before bridge to Dragon Shrine
The Gutter
Invades in the upper parts near the stone door
Drangleic Castle
Invades just before where you first meet the Queen.
Forest of Fallen Giants
Invades near the Place Unbeknownst bonfire, after completing the Memory of Jeigh
Brightstone Cove Tseldora
Invades at the bottom of Tseldora, on the bridge over spikes.


Moon Hat

Astrologist's Robe

Astrologist's Gauntlets

Astrologist's Bottoms

Black Witch Robe

Black Witch Gloves

Black Witch Trousers

Black Witch Hat

Thunder Quartz Ring

Lighting Greatarrow

Fire Greatarrow

Destructive Greatarrow

Dragon Charm

Bonfire Ascetic

Great Magic Weapon

Strong Magic Shield


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