Invisible Hollows in Dark Souls 2 are a new type of Secret that was introduced in the Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin Edition. They become visible upon approaching them with a torch. When attacked they become visible, taking the form of a naked hollow enemy, and randomly drop something within a specific loot table. Sometimes their Shadows can still be seen even before they are revealed. Currently, it appears that at the very least, there's one in most areas, though all have yet to be discovered. They do not respawn upon being killed.

  • Note: Wearing any piece of the Moon Butterfly set can be extremely helpful as the poison procs when near and thus finding them much easier. I have already discovered 2 more hollows not mentioned anywhere this way.


Invisible Hollows Dark Souls 2

Quick Search of All Invisible Hollows


Region Location Potential Drops
Forest of Fallen Giants
  • Up in the area where the light crossbow can be looted and where the two firebomb mobs are, he's sitting down by the lit brazier at the other end.
No-man's Wharf
  • Sitting by a house close to the Pharros Contraption.
Shaded Woods
  • To the left of the King's Gate to Aldia's Keep.
Huntsman's Copse
  • Huntsman's Copse Found in the dark room with the hollow enemies, sitting by the unlit brazier.
The Gutter
  • Next to an unlit brazier on the slanted walkway that you land on just before the first bonfire.
  • On top of the tower-like house containing the mimic, sitting next to the unlit brazier.
  • Next to an unlit brazier surrounded by dead hollows underneath a platform containing a chest.
  • At the fog wall before the second bonfire, next to the brazier on the right.
  • Below the second bonfire, on one of the platforms containing braziers.
Aldia's Keep
  • Found just by the elevator after the Guardian Dragon boss.
  • Found in the dragon lever room on the left side of the dragon lever.
 Lost Bastille
  • Near The Tower Apart bonfire, in outer area past the explosive powder room where the Pursuer spawns, up against broken stone to the left of a chest.
  • Found in the corner of the cell next to Straid's cell.
Sinners' Rise
  • In the first upper jail cell to the left on your approach to the boss.
 Doors of Pharros
  • After the axe-throwing Gyrm go right into the alcove with a sitting Gyrm worker and the hollow is on the far side of the brazier.
 Undead Crypt
  • In the left alcove of the entrance, where the bonfire used to be.
  • In the room with the Leydia Witches, sitting next to the rubble blocking the left staircase of the first set of stairs.
  • Against the side of the stairs leading to the corridor to Agdayne's room.
  • Up against the wall to the left of Agdayne.
  • On the edge of the platform that you can drop down to by exiting Agdayne's room and going left.
  • Sitting to the left and right of the skeleton in the room with the hole, after the corridor with the two Imperious Knights.
  • In the corner of the room where the Nameless Usurper attacks.
  • In the bell room of the passage to the area boss.
  • In the same area, four at various points between the mausoleums and the walls.
 Drangleic Castle
  • Up against the castle wall to the left of the main gate, right past the hole in the wall that the Royal Swordsmen come from.
  • On your right as you enter the small treasure room guarded by a Syan knight and containing a Sublime Bone Dust.
  • Against the back wall of the cage containing the Milfanito on the outside.
 Shrine of Amana
  • Along the outside edge of the building containing the second bonfire.
  • Sitting in the deep water at the edge and wall just to the right of the final house before Demon of Song boss fight.


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    • Anonymous

      The one in Sinners' Rise (first jail on second floor) doesn not give you a Petrified Something, just a Smooth & Silky Stone. Just killed him in SOTFS

      • Anonymous

        "Although perfect invisibility is unachievable due to the risk of dissipation, the caster need only stand still for a moment to blend in to environs with astounding camouflage." This is the description of ds1 hidden body spell, I think these guys somehow pefected invisibilty that they almost completely dissipated and now are stuck like that foever, with noone to interact with.

        • Anonymous

          These invisible hollows are not that white/ghostly assassins in the shaded woods right? Couldnt find them yet

          • Anonymous

            These are just hollows who most likely found something to keep them invisible and clutched to that final thing which brought them joy, hiding in plain sight to be forgotten about and to feel safe

            • Anonymous

              It is really creepy that these guys are all hollows, and are invisible... I wonder if they are slowly transforming into the items they drop, as their real forms fade from existence...? or maybe they are just ex-residents of that foggy wood you have to fight the invisible dudes at?

              • It would have been cooler if there was some lore explaining why these invisible hollows existed. Since Aldia was a sorcerer and love experimenting with magic maybe he did some experimenting with the spell Hidden Body from Dark Souls 1 and then something went horribly wrong while he was doing the magic experiments on hollows and they somehow escaped Aldia's Keep. If something like that happened maybe it would explain why we can't get Hidden Body in Dark Souls 2 but we can get Hidden Weapon (as a rank 2 gift in the bellbro covenant).

                • Anonymous

                  its like a game of hide and seek, I love it. the loot might not be super significant, but its just really fun.

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