Iron Key


Key to the iron door in the Iron Keep.
The Old Iron King's Castle sunk into a lake of fire, weighed down by the castle's iron, and the burden of the king's conceit.
Over the ages, the iron was stripped from the castle by the opportunistic passers-by. The iron door, too, must be somewhere, far away.

Iron Key is a Key item in Dark Souls 2.




  • The iron door referenced in the item description is located in the hallway leading to The Last Giant in Forest of Fallen Giants. (Allows access to flame salamander pit without making a leap of faith every time.)



  • Iron Keep under the bull statue located in the first room after crossing the bridge at the first bonfire. Stand on the left side near the flame and move in slowly. It is also safer to pick it up once the flames have been stopped by pulling the lever near the last bonfire in the Iron Keep. You can also soak yourself in water from one of the nearby urns to increase your resistance to fire allowing you to stay alive in the fire for longer.
    • Hint: Using the prostrate gesture allows you to grab the key and stay below the fire.


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