A club fitted with a head crafted for battle.
The mace is the archetypal blunt weapon. It has a primitive appearance, but also many advantages, including the ability to break the guard of a shield.
Keep the proper distance from your foe, and this can be a very effective weapon. [Description added]

Great Club
A giant wooden club made from branches of a towering tree.
Designed to smash foes. Simple but terribly effective against common shields. [Description added]

Great Machete
Created by strapping a large blade to a hilt. A crude makeshift weapon with low durability.
Primitive weapons can be more effective at evoking fear than more advanced efforts. Perhaps this is why the wielder chose this fearsome creation. [Description added]

A standard thrusting sword.
Thrusting swords are light swords with fine tips that can be used while holding up a shield, and are effective for parrying.
Use quick thrusts to damage hard-skinned foes. Also effective when fighting in narrow spaces. [Description added]

Thief Dagger
Dagger with a crooked tip.
A common accessory of thieves, shoddily crafted and without much bite.

Priest's Chime
Sacred chime granted to high-ranking clerics. A catalyst for miracles and hexes.
Drangleic was the home of many clerics, but King Vendrick held a lukewarm opinion of their powers, and kept them only as attendants to ceremony. In this sense, Drangleic was not the place for a cleric with any ambition. [Description added]

Broken Straight Sword
Straight sword with its blade broken near in half.
Nearly useless in battle, but "nearly useless" trumps "empty-handed". [Description added]

A very large greatsword. Very heavy, and designed for use with both hands.
Allows for broad attacks that are effective against multiple foes. Requires great strength and experience to handle effectively. [Description added]

A sctyhe fitted with a large custom blade.
Has an extended slashing reach when swung broadly, but beware, these attacks make the wielder very vulnerable. [Description added]

Pate's Spear
A long spear wielded by Pate.
This appears to be a very ordinary spear, but seems to have accumulated power over the course of countless battles.
It is not always advisable to stand out. Especially if you have something to hide. [Description added]

Alluring Skull
A skull of unknown ownership.
Smashing it releases traces of souls, which attract nearby foes.
Does not work on all enemies, but can prove useful in unexpected ways.

A twinblade fashioned from rare geisteel. Designed for high-ranking Drangleic knights, hence the decorative design.
Geisteel equipment is of the finest make, but geisteel is so rare that very few of these weapons were actually used in combat. [Description added]

Ricard's Rapier
An exquisitely decorated rapier. Said to belong to a prince who appears in an ancient tale.
There are numerous variations of the story of the prince who wandered the lands and eventually became Undead.
The majority of these tales end in tragedy, but there are some exceptions. [Description added]

*Targray's Set*
Targray's Helm
Helm of one who guides others. Belonged to Targray, Knight of the Blue.
Targray can appear obtuse, but the blue knight means no harm. He only wishes to offer guidance to those in need, for that is his purpose.

Targray's Armor/Manifers/Leggings
Armor/Manifers/Leggings of one who guides others. Belonged to Targray, Knight of the Blue.
The Blue Sentinels have vowed to uplift themselves through tireless training and selfless adherence to order and justice. May this armor/these manifers/these leggins ease their difficult journey.

Wanderer Coat
A coat for the roving type.
Light, sturdy leather made for long journeys.

*Drangleic Set*
Drangleic Leggings/Gauntlets/Mail
Traditional Drangleic Armor/Leggings/Gauntlets. Belonged to Captain Drummond.
Drummond's ancestors have served Drangleic for generations, principally as defenders of the great fort, but Captain Drummond is the last in this proud line.

Archdrake Staff
Staff of members of the Archdrake sect of Lindelt. A catalyst for sorceries and hexes.
In Lindelt, known for its clerics and their miracles, sorcery is believed to be a profane practice. But as with anything, such beliefs are part faith and part front, and this staff was born of that hypocrisy. [Description added]

Bone Staff
Staff crafted with animal bones.
A catalyst for sorceries and hexes.
Properly trained sorcerers receive their first staff from their master after reaching a certain level of accomplishment. Those without proper training must devise something of their own making. [Description added]

Ruler's Sword
Greatsword of Vendrick, King of Drangleic. The strenght of this sword is relative to the number of souls possessed by its wielder.
The great king shut himself away, and soon was reduced to a mere shell. Just what was it that he yearned to protect?
Effect: attack boosted by souls held.
(created with Vendrick's soul) [Description added]

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