Jedi Knight


This is a player-created Build for Dark Souls 2.
  • Build Name: Jedi Knight
  • Build Author: BlurryEcho
  • Build Level:220
  • Starting Class & Gift: Cleric, Seed Of The Tree Of Giants
  • Build Focus: PvE
  • Build Main Stat: Strength And Dexterity
  • Link to Dark Souls 2Calculator: Add link here

Build Equipment

  • Right Hand:
    • Red Iron Twinblade +10 (Double Sided Lightsaber)
    *Located at Rhoy's Resting Place in Shrine of Amana
    • Cleric Sacred Chime +10 (Just to use the heal miracle)
  • Left Hand:
  • Head: Alva Helm +10 (Darth Revan Mask)
  • Chest: Throne Watcher Armor +10 (For that Jedi Cloak)
  • Hands: Creighton's Chain Gloves +10 (Slick Armored Gloves)
  • Legs: Throne Watcher Leggings +10 (Armor Plates)
  • Rings:
    • Stone Ring - Kill Ogre in Things Betwixt
    • Ring of Blades +2 - Kill Pursuers in NG+ Drangleic Castle Throne Room
    • Ring of Giants +2 - Kill Giant Lord in the Memory of Jeigh
    • Ring of Steel Protection +1 - Meet Lucatiel at least 2 times
  • Items:

Build Strategy

This build is a hybrid. It works excellent in PvP and PvE.
If you want to PvP I recommend not going to NG+ with this build because it is harder to find players to fight. If you are using the PvE aspect of this build, then go all the way to NG+ 7
I have been dying to finally make a Twinblade Build that is actually effective to everyone else. The Red Iron Twinblade has a unique moveset while pressing strong attack, you do a normal twinblade attack. Hit it again, and it does a halberd spin move that catches your enemies off guard. You have great defense. The soul level is high, but if you currently cannot level up that high, the best way to farm is going to the Giant Lord fight and bonfire ascetic it over and over. The Seed of the Tree of Giants is for making PvP better and more interesting by adding enemies to fight your invaders. PvE, just play like normal. The strikes from the Red Iron Twinblade should be glass cannon because of the scaling it has with Strength. I recommend to not putting an enchantment on it, because it lowers the scaling and it already has a high scaling with Strength. Overall the best the twinblade build I have made, after the nerf of Santiers Spear. Have fun and "May the force be with you!" OR shall I say, "May the Dark Shine your Way?"

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    • Anonymous

      mask29 Aug 2016 11:01  

      instead of alva helm i would suggest the penal mask not only is it a face mask but it has a good overall defense and resistance

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